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photograph of a historical ecclesiastical architecture with big volumes, small spires and a cross on top. in the background, the white spire of the University of Glasgow tower, against a bright blue skyThe Philosophy Honours programme is a two-year programme of studies, comprising the Junior Honours and Senior Honours years, and is part of our four-year MA (Honours) degree. Junior and Senior Honours have separate curricula, and the final exam for each course takes place at the end of the second semester ('split finals'). Each course last one term and is worth 20 credits. Single Honours students take six per year (120 credits), three per term; Joint Honours students take three per year (60 credits), distributed as convenient. Each JH module is assessed by an essay (30%) and final exam (70%); SH assessment patterns vary from course to course. Fortnightly tutorials in groups of around six are held for Junior Honours modules; Senior Honours modules have larger group seminars. The dissertation is a fourth-year module that is compulsory for single honours students and for joint honours students not doing a dissertation in their other subject.

Honours students have the option to spend their third year studying abroad. See the Study Philosophy Abroad section for more information.

Prospective Honours students might wish to consult the Honours courses overview page for a more detailed description of the courses on offer.

Details of the application procedure are available here.

For more information, contact the Junior Honours Convenor (see below).

Essential Honours information

Essential Honours information

Most essential information, including all key dates and deadlines, can be found on this Moodle page.

Course regulations are detailed in the Honours Philosophy Handbook 2023-24 - you should read this carefully.

Further announcements will be made on Moodle through the JH noticeboard (key: junior) and SH noticeboard (key: senior), and by e-mail to your University address. It is vital that you check your University e-mail account frequently, and that you sign up for the relevant Moodle pages, otherwise you may miss important information.

Honours Who's Who

Staff contact details are available on the Staff Page.

  • Head of Philosophy: Prof Glen Pettigrove
  • Director of Teaching: Dr Robert Cowan
  • Honours Convenors: Dr Emma Gordon (JH) & Dr Bryan Pickel (SH)
  • Dissertation Convenor: Dr Gary Kemp
  • Study Abroad Convenor: Dr Mike Hicks
  • Honours Exams Convenor: Dr Stephan Leuenberger
  • Honours Administrator: Ruth Burke

Other Important Sources of Information