Honours Application Procedures

Honours Application Procedures

Honours in Philosophy

The Honours Degree in Philosophy is designed to give you a general grounding in the subject while at the same time providing plenty of opportunity for you to explore your particular interests.

The junior year courses provide a foundation, covering a range of topics and authors which have been central to philosophy in the English-speaking world, knowledge of which is most often presupposed in modern philosophical discussion and debate. Senior year courses offer the opportunity to pursue more specialized topics, either developing or complementing the subjects covered in junior honours.

Overall the courses give you a chance to develop skills in writing, critical analysis and argument which will be valuable to you whatever your subsequent career.

Application and Admission

Provided that you satisfy your College's requirements for progression to honours, you will be guaranteed a place if you meet the following subject requirements:

Both Level 2 Philosophy modules with a GPA of 12 at the first sitting, with both grades D3 or better.

We may be able to relax these requirements in some cases. Potential applicants who do not meet these requirements should still consider applying for entry into honours. Acceptance will depend on how many places we have available, and on the specifics of the case. So do not be deterred from applying if you expect to fall a little short of the stated requirements.

In addition to subject requirements, students entering honours must satisfy their College's requirements for entry to honours. Consult the relevant sections of the University Calendar, or consult your adviser of studies.

Entry into honours is automatic for those who meet the above requirements and are on a MyCampus Philosophy plan. For plan changes, please contact your Advising Team.

Junior and Senior Honours

  • Single Honours students choose a total of twelve 20-credit courses during the Junior and Senior Honours years, six per year. Joint Honours students take a total of six. The duration of each course is one term.
  • The courses are divided into Junior and Senior year courses.
  • Except for the logic course, assessment for each JH course comprises an essay and two written examination answers. Assessment methods in SH vary from course to course; details can be found on Moodle. A mark is awarded for each course, and the student's final degree classification is the mean of those marks.
  • Each year's courses are examined at the end of that year; that is, junior year modules are examined at the end of the junior year, and similarly for senior year modules.


Enrolment for specific honours courses takes place on MyCampus. Once MyCampus enrolment opens (usually in July or August) you will be able to select your courses yourself. An induction meeting will be held in the week preceding the start of teaching.