Bright Edge Deep: peatlands in history, cultural heritage, and climate | Online Exhibition

Bright Edge Deep

The Bright Edge Deep project presents an online exhibition inspired by the history, cultural heritage and restoration of peatlands. The project has been designed as part of the University of Glasgow’s College of Arts cultural programme for COP 26 (‘Dear Green Bothy’; hosting creative and critical responses to the climate emergency), to celebrate the beauty and biocultural significance of peat bogs. Through a variety of media – imagery and text, film and sound, poetry readings and talks – the exhibition examines the scientific basis of peatlands as important ecosystems, and their role in capturing climate records and acting as climate mitigators. Visitors can explore this evolving exhibition through four major themes: Wilderness and Nature; Myths, Legends and the Spiritual; Landscapes of Power and Work; The Future of Peatlands. 

Bright Edge Deep is led by a group of archaeologists, art historians and palaeoecologists with a concern for peatland heritage (past), management (present) and restoration (future). They aim to bring together artistic, historical, cultural and scientific representations of peatlands as moderators of climate change to enhance understanding of their role as historic landscapes and ‘wild’ places of cultural and natural value for the future. 

The Team

Dr Nicki Whitehouse, Dr Gareth Beale, Professor Clare Willsdon, Ms Holly Mullins, Ms Moira Piazzoli, Ms Charlotte Swindell (University of Glasgow), Dr Ben Gearey (University College Cork), Ms Rosie Everett, (University of Warwick), Dr Althea Davies (University of St. Andrews), Dr Tom Gardner (Historic Environment Scotland).

Online Exhibition presented in partnership with:

  • The Hunterian Art Gallery and Museum, University of Glasgow
  • Historic Environment Scotland
  • The Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, Ireland

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