Lucy Killoran

Research title: Automation in the practice of archaeological survey

Research Summary

  • Critically examining current practices, systems and workflows in large-scale archaeological survey and prospection, including recent results in automation
  • Researching the current state-of-the-art in machine learning and computer vision techniques for spatial data
  • Using design methods to ideate, prototype, test and evaluate new workflows for archaeological survey which integrate machine learning and computer vision



  • Collaborative Doctoral Studentship Award, AHRC (2020)
  • Data Skills Workforce Development Programme, Bayes Centre, University of Edinburgh (2020)
  • Graduate Traineeship Award, Erasmus+ (2019)
  • Fieldwork funding support, The Catherine Mackichan Trust (2018)
  • Student Opportunity Fund, University of Edinburgh (2018)


 († = Participant, ⍉ = Organiser)

  • Killoran, L., Geddes, G. (2021) Ghosts in the machine: Reflections on traditions of survey practice at the eve of automation [Session 24], Computer Applications & Quantitative Methods in Archaeology International Conference, 14–18 June, Online
  • ⍉ University of Glasgow College of Arts Postgraduate Conference Committee, (2021) Metamorphosis: Transformations across Time, Culture & Identity, 1–2 June, Online. (Committee Chair, Design & Operations Officer)
  • Killoran, L., (2021) Innovating archaeological survey: 
Integrating AI, Computer Vision, 
People, and Practice, CIfA Innovation Festival, 25–29 January, Online.


  • Data Analysis, Visualisation and Communication (Honours) (2021)
  • Digital Media & Information Studies 1B (2021)