Social and Political Philosophy

Core Staff

  • Ben Colburn – autonomy, education, liberalism, neutrality
  • Katharine Jenkins – gender and race; oppression and emancipation
  • Glen Pettigrove – collective agency, collective attitudes, and social identity
  • Mona Simion – gender and race, social ontology, distributive justice
  • Robin Zheng - moral responsibility, structural injustice, gender and race, social change.

Affiliated Staff

  • Robert Cowan – political obligation, philosophy of economics
  • James Humphries – autonomy, anarchism, justice, Marxism, non-domination, political authority
  • Stephan Leuenberger – philosophy of law
  • Benjamin Matheson - commemoration, affective injustice, political apologies, collective guilt and shame
  • Steph Rennick – disability, gender
  • Adam Rieger - social choice theory, range voting
  • Joe Slater - philosophy of law, basic income

For more information on research in this area, see the staff pages linked above, as well as the Glasgow Law and Philosophy Network.

First published: 2 August 2021