Research projects:

We are involved in various co-operative projects of both academic and public varieties, including Corpas na Gàidhlig.

Research strengths:

Early medieval literature and history

  • the early history and poetry of the monastery of Iona
  • an anthology in translation of the poetry of Scotland, 550–1350
  • place-names in the poetry of the Northern Britons
  • the history of Scotland AD 400–1100
  • Christianity in early medieval Scotland
  • early Gaelic women poets
  • fools in early Irish texts
  • medieval Irish voyage tales
  • early Irish narrative poetry
  • the social setting of the Ulster Cycle
  • an introductory reader of Medieval Welsh
  • Pictish language and culture
  • early Christian inscribed stones of Munster
  • place-names as a historical resource

Scottish Gaelic and Modern Irish literature

  • an edition of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Irish poems
  • the prose writings of the Rev. Alexander MacGregor
  • the work of John MacCormick
  • the dialogue in Gaelic literary tradition
  • the Gaelic proverb
  • Gaelic journalism
  • Gaelic heroic ballads
  • Oral tradition of Gaelic Scotland
  • Oral transmission of Gaelic prose and verse texts
  • twentieth-century Scottish Gaelic poetry
  • George Campbell Hay
  • early modern Gaelic literature

Language, teaching, and linguistics

  • on-line dictionaries for modern Irish and Scottish Gaelic
  • the Linguistic Survey of Scottish Gaelic
  • a Welsh spell-checker
  • Gaelic and Irish dialectology
  • Scottish Gaelic grammar
  • aspects of IT and Gaelic teaching
  • history of Gaelic lexicography