Solutions Focused Research

Our vision is to be a world-leading centre of excellence in the development, evaluation and implementation of interventions to improve health and wellbeing, and reduce inequalities.

We undertake interdisciplinary research in partnership with public and key stakeholders in the following areas:

Understanding the problem and its potential complexity
Theorising (complex) interventions, including using a systems approach
Developing, testing and refining interventions
Evaluating the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of interventions
Understand how, why and for whom interventions work/do not work
Real-world implementation and transferability of interventions

Our research is supported by key infrastructure including: Population Health Research Facility, Robertson Centre for Biostatistics, Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment, and Scottish Primary Care Research Network.

Theme leads

Dr Bhautesh Jani
Theme Lead
Clinical Senior Lecturer
General Practice and Primary Care 

Professor Cindy Gray 
Deputy Theme Lead
Interdisciplinary Professor of Health and Behaviour
School of Health and Wellbeing Social Sciences 

Professor Katie Robb
Deputy Theme Lead
Professor of Behavioural Science and Health 
Mental Health and Wellbeing