Other projects

In this workstream we also have a key strand of work that provides methodological support to projects that are not necessarily directly related to the Unit’s core aims, topics or populations of interest. It supports responsive bids to develop and evaluate interventions building on SHW/College strengths and UKRI/NIHR priorities.

We are currently working with colleagues on:

  1. A multi-arm multi stage 4 arm trial called RAPID assessing suicide prevention interventions for people with psychosis which builds on our previous SAFETEL study.
  2. A randomised controlled trial (OPPORTUNITY) testing the feasibility of a pre-operative care package (consisting of a weight loss programme, exercise, painkiller advice, and provision of insoles) for people with osteoarthritis to improve patient health and physical functioning prior to surgery as a means of improving post-operative outcomes.
  3. A feasibility study exploring the feasibility and acceptability of a ketogenic diet+behavioural intervention which seeks to improve mood instability, quality of life and functional outcomes in people with bipolar disorder.
  4. Individual participant data meta-analysis which seeks to determine whether diet and physical activity-based interventions prevent gestational diabetes, and its complications, in all or in specific groups of women, and identify the costs and components of effective interventions through the NIHR-funded i-WIP (International Weight Management in Pregnancy) database.
  5. The BE-COME study aims to determine which individual components of behavioural weight management programmes are associated with greater attendance, intervention completion, and weight loss; if the individual components are more effective when delivered on their own/ in combination; if the effects of individual/groups of components vary depending on the sex, age, BMI, ethnicity or socioeconomic status of participants; the cost-effectiveness of any individual/ groups of components found to be effective.
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