Understanding Children - Book Drop

‌All of the books included in the Understanding Children book drop deepen our understanding of what children go through.

‌The idea of the book drop was initiated by Judge Carol Atkinson, East London Family Court.

Carol sent a copy of the book to Helen (Minnis) with the message "read this and pass it on to anyone who cares about what children go through".

Please do as Carol suggests - suggest a book and pass it on!  If you are then inspired to write a short review (no longer than 100 words) then please send to Irene O'Neill - irene.oneill@glasgow.ac.uk - and we will post it.

Book - the leaversThe Leavers - author Lisa Ko

Recommended by Helen Minnis.  A beautiful melancholy insight into how immigrant mothers and their children suffer in modern America.  Full of fiesty interesting characters.

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Book - this is who I am - Karen CampbellThis is where I am - Author Karen Campbell

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Book - the panopticon - Jenni FaganThe Panopticon - Author Jenni Fagan

Recommended by Helen Minnis - "this book starts with such a grim opening sequence that I almost didn't read on, but in fact it is one of the most inspiring and uplifting books about resilience that I have ever come across".  A master piece.  

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Book - Eleanor Oliphant is completely fineEleanor Oliphant is completely fine - Author Gail Honeyman

Recommended by Helen Minnis - "A complusive read and a great insight into how autism and trauma can interact"

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Book - The Glasgow Castle‌The Glasgow Castle - author Jeanette Walls. 

Recommended by Helen Minnis - "This story is so unbelievable that it would be impossible to believe, except that it is true.  It gets across how children can both benefit from wonderful parents while still be neglected by them".   

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book - A Little LifeA Little Life - by Hanya Yanagihara

Read by Helen Minnis.  "This is an epic novel about a group of friends, one of whom has a terrible history of neglect and abuse. Ultimatley I didn't find the main character completely convincing because, despite his terrible history, he seemed to be loved by everyone".

Read by Carol Atkinson.  "I certainly felt beaten up by A Little Life.  A hard read.  The scenario is extreme but thought about it a lot after reading Elinor Oliphant, in which the essential message seems to be one of hope.  I thought that what A Little Life is houw sometiomes the damage is too great or maybe that is a message no-one want to hear or think about?"

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Tony Hogan bought me a ice cream float before he stole my maTony Hogan bought me an ice cream float before he stole my ma - Author Kerry Hudson

Recommended by Judge Carol Atkinson - "When this book's baby protagonist bursts into the world, already with a comment on everything she observes - from the fruity language of her Aberdeen fishwife gran to the terrifying sight of her mother being pinned down by her psychopath boyfriend - you know she is going to take on a riotous journey to places never before written about.  We go with her to grim costal B&Bs and concrete Lanarkshire housing estates, routing all the way for our heroine"  A MUST READ

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