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Exposure to early adverse experiences, such as abuse and neglect, has long term neurobiological consequences on the developing mind and is a risk factor for adult psychiatric disorders.  Childhood adversities, specifically maltreatment, increase the risk for psychosis and personality disorders during early adulthood, and are related poor affective regulation and increased risk of suicidality. The mechanisms underpinning these associations are still unclear. 

Pathways study is a two year feasibility study funded by the NHS GG&C. The study propoosed, firstly, to understand the symptomatic overlap between two groups of young people 'at risk'. Secondly, to establish the prevalence of affective dysregulation, neurodevelopmental disorders and early risk factors (attachment difficulties and childhood adversity) in these groups. 

For further details or to participate in the study, please email us at or  Alternatively, you can call us on +44(0)141 201 9239