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4.9.23 - Sharon Graham, Glasgow Researcher awarded Adoption Services Fellowship - Interview with STV

29.8.22 - Interviews with world leading practitioners in Child Mental Health

20.12.21 - Young people and complex analyses 

10.5.21 - Attachment Matters - Professor Helen Minnis' Presentation Slides 

13.5.21 - Professor Helen Minnis talking about - How early adversity and neurodevelopment interact 

29.3.21 - ACAMH - The Mental Elf.  CAMHS around the Campfire - Discussing Dr Rachel Hiller's JCPP paper 'A longitudinal study of cognistive predictors of (complex) post-traumatic stress in yuong people in and-of-home care'.  

27.11.19 - Professor Helen Minnis, Key Note Speaker, Birgit Olsson Lecture, Gothenburg.  Maltreatment - Associated Psychiatric Problems - How Trauma and ESSENCE are Linked 

8.1.19 - Professor Helen Minnis in conversation regarding attachment.  

5.10.17 - How to Manage Children's Anxiety (by Davidson Murphy, Educational Psychologist) - Belly Breathing and How to Avoid Becoming a Lizard 

8.2.17 - JCPP Podcast (Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry): Maltreatment-associated neurodevelopmental disorders. Professor Helen Minnis, University of Glasgow and Lisa Dinkler, University of Gothenburg.

23.11.16 - Why Attachment Matters - Interview with Professor Helen Minnis and David Woodier, a teacher, adoptive parent and blogger for Scottish Attachment in Action. Themes emerging from the interview may well resonate with those living and workin with children and young peoople who've had an adverse start in life. 

11.09.09 - Why attachment matters in children's development - Professor Helen Minnis - Scottish Institute for Residential Child Care (SIRCC)