Research and Teaching - career journeys


Career progression

Roles in this family are wholly or mainly focused on research and teaching. Roles may combine elements of research, teaching and administration or management, however the relative emphasis on these elements and the nature of the contribution will vary. Some roles will be more orientated towards research, while others will tend to concentrate on teaching, administration and/ or management activities. In the higher levels, there will be considerable reputation in the UK and internationally, and significant impact on the subject discipline and on research income.

  • There are five academic career tracks: Research & Teaching; Research; Research Scientists, Learning, Teaching and Scholarship; and Academic Clinicians.There are specific Academic Promotion Criteria for each of the career tracks. 
  • As with all job families, the annual Performance and Development Review (PDR) process affords an opportunity for career goals to be identified and strategies to be put in place to  for career development and promotion. Partnered with the PDR process the Academic Appointment and Promotion Policy offers a career pathway for academic staff.

Early Career Researchers 

  • The university provides dedicated support for Early Career Researchers including the Early Career Development Programme which provides the mechanism by which newly appointed early career academic staff at Grade 7 and 8 are supported in developing their academic skills and in progressing their career and it aims to:     
    • provide learning and development opportunities in all aspects of the academic role, including allocation of a mentor to provide support and advice, the creation of a Personal Development Plan and the setting of annual objectives to enable academics to develop the abilities to meet the criteria for promotion to Grade 9 within a defined timescale.
  • The Glasgow Crucible is a leadership and development programme designed to support you, an Early Career Researcher, in taking the next step in your career - by helping you be more ambitious in your funding applications and publications, understanding the knowledge exchange agenda, and develop meaningful collaborations within and outside the Institution. 
  • The Researcher Development for Staff site is also an excellent resource full of useful information for ECRs and the Careers Service offers career planning support for Early Career Researchers.  
  • The Careers Service also offer a MOOC with Future Learn - Career Management for Early Career Academic Researchers