MPA - career journeys

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Roles in this family are engaged in the provision of professional, managerial and / or administrative support services to university staff and students and sometimes to the wider public. Roles may involve administrative support, developing and implementing policy and processing, providing specialist / expert advice and support, or carrying out project management and support. All roles require an understanding of university systems and processes and many at higher levels will also require specialist or professional skills. The higher levels often combine professional qualifications, managerial experience and involve a substantial role in the management of functions within the Institution.

Alongside the PDR process, the Regrading Policy and the Recognition Rewards Voucher Scheme (for staff in University Services), initiatives that might be of particular interest to MPA staff include: 

  • The MPA Peer Network - open to all members of the MPA job family and all are welcome to join the network. The network is run by volunteers and aims to provide a social and professional network to facilitate communication and collaboration between MPA colleagues of all grades across the university.
  • The Professional Services Conference - includes a useful Q and A session with topics from promotions and progress to issues around parity with academic staff
  • The Glasgow Professional Behavioural Framework - "is supported by a growing range of initiatives, activities and opportunities to support improvement, development and career progression".