Influencing policy and mobilising communities around coastal management, geodiversity and biodiversity

Our expertise in coastal erosion has directly influenced biodiversity policy at local, national and international levels, delivered flood mitigation initiatives in partnership with public agencies in Scotland, and mobilised public support for environmental safeguards to preserve our natural heritage.

Dr Jim Hansom has been instrumental in shaping UK environmental strategy to include geodiversity. In Scotland, he has worked with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency on flood assessments and the identification of Sites of Special Scientific Interest, helped to establish a charity mobilising community volunteers to monitor Scotland’s coastline, and assisted Oxfam to allocate erosion prevention grants to local communities.

Hansom’s expertise has fed into the polemic protest film You’ve Been Trumped and a BBC Panorama special, bringing coastal geodiversity and biodiversity issues sharply into focus on a very public stage.

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First published: 13 December 2013