Postgraduate research students

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  • Affiah Uduak (Earth Sciences)
    Vulnerability of the Nigerian coastal communities to climate change induced coastal hazard.
  • Arathoon Jamie (Geography-Science)
    Doing non-visual geographies: the guide-dog human relationship
  • Argemí Cierco Marta (Geography)
    Nature based coastal protection: a predictive model for marsh ecosystem services
  • Bintang Fakhri (Earth Sciences)
    Masters of disguise: can achondrite parent bodies hide beneath a chondritic cover?
  • Bruinsma Mette (Geo-Social Sci)
    Collecting Worlds, Learning Geography [TBC]
  • Chapman Eleanor (Geo-Social Sci)
    The Politics of Memory in the Borderlands
  • Christou Evangelos (Geo-Social Sci)
    Martian Fluid Compositions: The Habitability of Two Ancient Environments
  • Curley Edward (Geography-Sci)
    Investigating the impact of hydrodynamics on the behaviour of the endangered freshwater pearl mussel using field and laboratory approaches
  • Del Angel Lozano Jose Porfirio (Geo-Social Sci)
    A Comparison of Passive Atmospheric CO2 Capture with Steel Slags in Mexico and the UK
  • Edwards David (Geo-Social Sci)
    A New Framework for International Collaboration in Critical Zone Science
  • Farquharson Lauren (Geo-Social Sci)
    L720 ‘Fearful landscapes’: parochial asylums and poorhouse lunatic wards – where the Scottish Poor and Lunacy Laws collided
  • Gillespie Kerry (Geo-Social Sci)
    Changing faces
  • Gowland Ben (Geography-Science)
    The Decolonial Spatial Politics of West Indian Black Power: Praxis, Theory and Transnational Exchange
  • Griffin Sammy (Earth Sciences)
    The provenance of volatiles in asteroidal and planetary meteorites
  • Hampton Rosie (Geo-Social Sci)
    Infrastructures of Solidarity...
  • Hržić Katja (Geo-Social Sci)
    International labour migration and fair employment in the Scottish fishing industry
  • Jackson Neil (Geography-Sci)
    EPSRC iCASE 2016 Green biofilters: testing multifunctional urban greening solutions that improve asset resilience and air and water quality
  • James Kelly (Earth Sciences)
    Blue Carbon and Ecosystem Engineers under Global Change
  • Jenkins Laura (Earth Sciences)
    The Effects of Space Weathering on CM Chondrites
  • Kane Megan (Geo-Social Sci)
    'Mattering violence: Rethinking the everyday politics of food banking'
  • Khudhur Faisal Waleed Khudhur (Geo-Social Sci)
    Determining processes of co2 capture with steel slags: implications for mitigating rising co2 levels
  • Kirk Jenna (Geo-Social Sci)
    Exploring the social, historical and environmental legacies of steel slag
  • Li Qing (Geo-Social Sci)
    Geographic Object Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) with Machine Learning to classify channel pattern in tropical rivers
  • Liu Niantang (Geo-Social Sci)
    Enhanced Crop Classification through Electrodynamical Modelling of Vegetation Combined with Multi-temporal multimode spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Data.
  • Lowder James (Geo-Social Sci)
    Mining the Anthropocene
  • MacDonald Ellen (Earth Sciences)
    Oceans on Acid: using historic ocean acidification to understand marine ecosystem function under global change
  • Mallon Jennifer (Earth Sciences)
    Calculating a blue carbon budget for contemporary Caribbean coral reefs under global climate change conditions
  • Marr Natalie (Geography-Sci)
    Skies Above, Earth Below: Mapping the Values of the Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park
  • Martin Eleanor (Geography-Sci)
    Exploring the Work and Employment Experiences of People with Diagnoses of Mental Health Conditions in a ‘Working Community’ in Glasgow, Scotland (TBC)
  • Martin Pierre-Etienne (Earth Sciences)
    Delivery of water to early Earth by carbonaceous chondrite meterorites
  • McKenna Eamon (Earth Sciences)
    The provenance and thermal history of the Carboniferous Midland Valley of Scotland.
  • Moretto Maurits (Geo-Social Sci)
    L726 - Tasteful Trade? Coffee Cultures and More-Than-Human Geographies
  • Moyo Dumisani Zondiwe (Geo-Social Sci)
    Materialising Knowledges: Interrogating Individuality and Big Data through the ‘Decolonial Turn’
  • Muir Freya (Earth Sciences)
    Real-time monitoring and forecasting of coastal erosion
  • Noka Viktoria (Geo-Social Sci)
    Emotional Geographies of Solidarity and Urban Environmental Politics
  • O'Brien Aine (Earth Sciences)
    Title: Evidence for recent water on Mars from the shergottite meteorites: Geological, palaoclimatological and astrobiological implications.
  • Perez Velveth (Earth Sciences)
    Volcano dynamics modelling and hazard assessment at Torfajökull volcanic centre
  • Phesodi Mmapula (Earth Sciences)
    The cratonic mantle beneath Botswana using kimberlite xenocrystic records as lithospheric probes: A comparative study
  • Santamarina Guerrero Ana (Geo-Social Sci)
    Building translocal solidarities: Glasgow and Madrid contesting urban neoliberal geopolitics of racism.
  • Sarnoh Yusuff (Geog-Environmental Science)
    The effect of climate change on drought and water resources
  • Sefton Thomas (Geo-Social Sci)
    Considering the life and work of Lord Kelvin from the perspective of the history of the earth sciences
  • St. John Robert (Geo-Social Sci)
    Exploded Scales, Island Imaginaries: The New Landscape in Art and Geography
  • Stolpmann Lea (Geog-Environmental Science)
    Mangrove sediment carbon budgets along eroding and prograding coasts.
  • Sugar Katherine (Geo-Social Sci)
    Governing low carbon and inclusive transitions in the city: A case study of Nottingham, UK
  • Suprayogi Andri (Geo-Social Sci)
    Flood Impact Mapping And Recovery Modelling For Disaster Management Using GIS and Remote Sensing in The Basin Area of Pemali-Comal, Central Java
  • Tolentino Pamela Louise (Earth Sciences)
    Influence of catchment characteristics on hydrologic regimes
  • Zhang Kangyong (Geog-Environmental Science)
    Improved Mangrove Biomass Estimation of Mai Po Nature Reserve in Hong Kong through Advanced Remote Sensing and Machine Learning based approaches