About Glasgow

The University

‌Since our foundation in 1451, our reputation has been built on the tradition of always looking forward. We have inherited an ethos of anticipating the future needs of the world around us and responding to the benefit of all. This makes Glasgow a university that has always been committed to being at the forefront of change, excellence and innovation.

Today, our heritage lives on with break-through research and world-class teaching that is making a difference to people all over the globe. And we will reorganise and reinvent ourselves to keep this ethos alive and stay world changing for the next 550 years.

The University:

  • has more than 25,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • is a member of the prestigious Russell Group of leading UK research universities

The City

The University and the city of Glasgow are two sides of the same coin. Just as the University is an exciting, vibrant and dynamic place to learn, so too is Glasgow an exciting, vibrant and dynamic place to live.

Glasgow is a major centre for culture in Scotland, and offers fantastic shopping, bustling nightlife and access to Scotland’s beautiful Highlands. It has been enjoying population and job creation growth rates higher than the rest of the country and was also host to the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

But just like the University, what makes Glasgow special are the people. It’s a warm, welcoming and genuinely friendly city because the people are. They instantly make you feel at home. And it’s a down-to-earth, to-the-point, no nonsense city because the people are. They work well together and they get things done.

It’s a place where exciting things happen. It’s a place that makes exciting things happen. And now’s a great time to be here.