Dr Seongwoo Yoo

  • Senior Lecturer in Electronic Photonic Devices (Electronic & Nanoscale Engineering)


Seongwoo is a Senior Lecturer in Electronic Photonic Devices at School of Engineering. Prior to joining University of Glasgow, he was an Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore where he gained extensive research experience on novel optical fibres by leading projects on fibre-based lasers and sensors to uniquely address challenges in imminent and emerging applications. Consequently, his research led to intellectual properties licensed to industry for evaluation.

 In the University of Glasgow, he expands research interests to topics that are anchored to the strong photonics presence of the university through nanofabrication technology. His current research interests include:

 - fibre light sources for bio-imaging and environmental sensing

- photonics components by incorporating nano-patterning technology into an optical fibre platform

- light generation through novel materials/structures


Prospective PhD students are welcome to contact me to discuss possible research topics. Students will be able to enjoy rich research environments, with collaborators in the UK and overseas. I have supervised students from Asia and Europe, of whom a few received recognitions such as Best Paper award in conferences and competitions.  

 If you are interested in working with me, please contact me at seongwoo.yoo@glasgow.ac.uk to explore the opportunity. I am also looking for highly motivated MEng and MSc students on fibre optics and photonics in general.


ENG4052 Digital communication