Mr Preslav Aleksandrov

  • Research Assistant (Electronic & Nanoscale Engineering)
  • Affiliate (School of Engineering)



I hold two master's degrees, both with a distinguished first-class designation and a perfect 4.0 GPA. These degrees encompass engineering and computer science, and I received the class prize for my outstanding master's thesis in federated learning. For five consecutive years, I earned a place on the engineering excellence list, reflecting my sustained commitment to excellence.

In 2020, I achieved second place in the Glasgow Coding Olympics, showcasing my expertise in computer science. Additionally, I received the esteemed William Johnstone Prize for Engineering Achievements. I have also been honored with two travel scholarships, enriching my global perspective.

Beyond my academic and professional endeavors, I am an active volunteer with DigDeep, a charity dedicated to providing clean water access to disadvantaged communities in Kenya. My journey underscores my dedication to learning, innovation, and making a meaningful contribution to society. I look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of knowledge and striving for excellence in all my pursuits.




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