MIU: Medical & Industrial Ultrasonics

Welcome to the MIU: Medical & Industrial Ultrasonics research cluster site.

The Medical and Industrial Ultrasonics (MIU) cluster brings together people in an environment that stimulates world-leading research, which is shared with academia, industry, clinicians and the public, and provides research-led training for future leaders in ultrasonics. 

Building on the foundation of ultrasonics research established at the University in 1996 by Prof Margaret Lucas, MIU has a core team of 8 academics, with over 30 researchers, bringing in over £1.5M per annum, from RCUK, NIH, Wellcome Trust and other sources.

MIU is managing the £7.7m Ultrasurge programme grant, led by Prof Lucas, and, with our partners in CUE, is the facilitating the recently awarded EPSRC funded Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Ultrasonic Engineering, led by Prof Cochran.


MIU has three dedicated research labs with state of the art equipment helping us focus on our research goals in: