Quantum Optospintronics

We explore the spintronic and photonic properties of molecular materials and devices with applications spanning quantum information processing, energy harvesting, and sensing.

As an interdisciplinary research team, our efforts span solid-state physics, quantum engineering, physical chemistry, and materials science.


New preprint

13 February 2024: our work on room-temperature optically detected coherent control of molecular spins is now on the arXiv:2402.07572

Materials for Quantum Technologies Horizon Scanning event

20-21 November 2023: Sarah and Sam present the group’s work at the M4QN Horizon Scanning event in Cambridge, and Sarah picks up the poster prize from APL Quantum!

New group member!

24th October 2023: Colin Morrison has joined the team as a joint PhD student with the Skabara Group in the School of Chemistry - welcome Colin!

New group member!

4th October 2023: Maria Psarra has joined the team as a PhD student - welcome Maria!

New group member!

25th September 2023: Alistair Inglis has joined the team as a Postdoctoral Researcher - welcome Alistair!

Quantum Technologies Alliance for Research Challenge

22nd August 2023: The Scottish Funding Council announces the new Alliance for Research Challenge in Quantum Technologies

Nuffield Research Placement

31st July 2023: Adan joins the group for a two-week Nuffield Research Placement on quantum sensing. Welcome Adan!

Postdoctoral position available

16th May 2023: We have an opening for a postdoctoral researcher to explore molecular spin-optical dynamics. Please see https://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/CZV701/ for further details!

New visiting group member!

1st March 2023: Adrian Mena has joined as a visiting PhD student from the University of New South Wales - welcome Adrian!

New group member!

January 2023: Sarah Mann has joined the team as a Postdoctoral Researcher - welcome Sarah!

PhD positions available

11th November 2022: We have PhD positions available - see our openings to find out more!

New group member!

October 2022: Angus Cowley-Semple has joined the team as a new PhD student - welcome Angus!

Postdoctoral positions available

16th September 2022: We have openings for a postdoctoral researcher to explore molecular spin systems for quantum sensing and photonic devices. Please see https://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/CTJ676 for further details!

New paper!

18th August 2022: 'Enhancing Spin Coherence in Optically Addressable Molecular Qubits through Host-Matrix Control' is published in PRX, with coverage in Physics Magazine.

UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship

June 2022: Sam has been awarded a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship. See the announcement from UKRI and the University of Glasgow for more details!