Episode 5 - Educational implications of Hong Kong’s new National Security Law

Edward Vickers is Professor of Comparative Education at Kyushu University in Japan, where he also holds the UNESCO Chair on Education for Peace, Social Justice and Global Citizenship. In this episode we discuss the implications of Hong Kong’s National Security Law and the focus on education in navigating this new law. The impact on what it means to be hongkongnese under the Chinese regime is discussed as well as the future implications for Hong Kong and what this could mean in the wider outlook of Chinese governance.

Articles accompanying this episode

Vickers, E. (2022). Smothering Diversity: Patriotism in China’s School Curriculum Under Xi Jinping. Journal of Genocide Research24(2), 158-170.

Vickers, E., & Morris, P. (2022). Accelerating Hong Kong’s reeducation:‘mainlandisation’, securitisation and the 2020 National Security Law. Comparative Education58(2), 187-205.