Erasmus project webinar, 27 June: "The evidence base on effectiveness of HE employability practice – what do we know and what’s missing?"

We are pleased to invite you and any interested colleagues to a webinar, on the 27th of June at 15.00 BST, where we will present findings on the current state of the evidence base from a systemic literature review of academic research on employability practice in Higher Education. The agenda and format for the meeting is designed to allow opportunities for feedback. In particular, we look forward to discussing with participants what are likely to be the most fruitful avenues for future research on this important topic. Hopefully, this is a convenient time for most people, as it has been scheduled to allow invitees from the four participating countries to take part.

Our project commenced formally in September 2020, when the University of Glasgow, along with other European partners were awarded 433,771 Euros in Erasmus+ funding for applied research to improve linkages between Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) and course design in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The partners include 4 HEIs, (Universität Autonoma de Barcelona, The University of Reading, Vrie Universiteit Brussel, The University of Glasgow) and an HEI accreditation body, Acencia per a La Sistema Universitari de Catalunya.

The focus of our project is the feedback loop from labour markets to education providers. Specifically, how available labour market intelligence (LMI) can best be used to inform programme and course design in higher education. See Website link: (

We look forward to meeting with you albeit virtually on the 27th of June.

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Academic curriculum developers and University career/employability professionals

Project partnership members

Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona (ES); Vrije Universitet Brussel (BE); University of Glasgow (UK); University of Reading (UK); Agencia per a la Qualitat del sistema Universitari de Catalunya (ES)


15.00 - 15.10 Welcome and project overview Kristinn Hermannsson
15.10 - 15.30 Results of literature review Rosario Scandurra
15.30 - 15.40 Introduction to Themed discussion Kristinn Hermannsson
15.40 - 16.20 Breakout by country Led by local teams
16.20 - 16.50 Reporting back by group Led by local teams
16.50 - 17.00 Wrap up, and project next steps Kristinn Hermannsson

First published: 9 June 2022

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