ELP Spring Seminar Series - April to June 2022

Academic seminar series on Educational Research and Policy

What to expect: In each session an invited speaker will present a paper sharing their latest research findings in a specific topic in the field of education and policy. We usually allow for up to 30 minutes presentation, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. We expect to create a space for academic exchange and discussion on educational research and policy.

Targeted audience: Master and PhD students and staff interested in educational research and policy. A series of podcasts based on the seminars’ topics will be produced targeting a non-academic audience.

Format: These are organised as face-to-face seminars (unless online is indicated). Yet, we will be recording the session and will be available online on a later date.

Organisers: Members of the Research and Teaching Group on Education Leadership and Policy, based at the School of Education (University of Glasgow). Group members have expertise in comparative and international education; educational improvement and system change; governance and public policy; educational leadership; childhood practice; and labour market and socio-economic impacts of education.

A full list of all seminars in this Spring Seminar Series can be found here