GLACIER and CR&DALL Guest Seminar  Dr Esther Gottlieb (Ohio State University) presents The Internationalisation of Higher  Education in a ‘Post’-Era

Dr Esther Gottlieb

The Internationalisation of Higher Education in a 'Post'-Era

Tuesday 16th April
Room 338 (St Andrew's Building)

1-1.45pm: Research Seminar
2-2.30pm: Student-focused session: Career Opportunities in Higher Education and Internationalisation

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The internationalisation of higher education has increasingly been institutionalized as an organization-wide strategy. It is no longer a peripheral strategy; for most universities and colleges, internationalisation is now a suite of processes that are positioned to influence multiple layers of teaching, learning and research. This presentation examines the changing meaning of ‘international’ in the shifting processes and practices of internationalisation. This research has uncouple internationalisation from its business and economic motivations, analyzing instead what the definitions and models of internationalisation says, and how they say it, examining the knowledge made available for researching and implementing internationalisation policies and university-wide plans. I hope the conversation following the presentation can further explore the premise that internationalisation has entered a “post” era and what are some of the implications.

Dr Esther Gottlieb

About the speaker
Esther E. Gottlieb is Senior Adviser for International Affairs at The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio USA, working on the university's internationalization plan with focus on faculty research and assessing students’ global competencies. Her teaching experiences include graduate and undergraduate courses in Comparative Education, as well as training teachers and school administrators. She presents her research annually at the conference of the US Comparative and International Education Society where she served three years on the Executive Committee. She holds degrees from Haifa University, the University of Akron and Case Western Reserve in Ohio and a doctorate in Comparative and International Education from the University of Pittsburgh. Her recent research on the experiences of minority students in a majority education system was published in Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education and the Journal for the Study of Race, Nation, and Culture. Her co-authored textbook on Comparative and International Education is forthcoming from Bloomsbury Publishing.