Postgraduate Researchers


  • Alanazi Abdulaziz Hamoud M
    Educational Policies in Saudi Arabia
  • Albazie Haifa
    The factors affecting the use of E-Learning at a Saudi University
  • Aldegheri Elena
    Not just pretty words: narrative media,forced migration, community education and integration in Scotland and Italy.
  • Balgabekova Dayana
    Mentoring Novice Teachers in Kazakhstani Secondary Schools
  • Cai Liexu
    The impact of intercultural engagements on cultural understanding via Confucius Institute in Britain
  • Cox Sarah
    Language Ecologies: Experiences of women involved in the process of separation and reunion and the impact on intergenerational language learning
  • Horan Jennifer
    Attached to Tales: Extending librarians' understanding of bibliotherapy and its application in school library settings
  • Ma Lan
    Library War in the Future: An Exploration of Responses of Young Readers in the Digital Era to the Issues of 'Information and Communication Control by the State' in Science Fiction
  • Neil Joanna
    Teaching and learning the creative process with digital auto-ethnography
  • Walden Laurie Ann
    Equity in Gifted Education
  • Wang Yaxi
    The Exploitation of Interpictoriality: the Visual Inter-relationship between Illustrations and Original Artworks in Children's Picturebooks