MSc Psychological Studies (campus)

The following courses make up your programme’s curriculum during your semester at the University of Glasgow. Students taking this programme should enrol on the following courses once they have fully completed student registration.  

For more detail on course assessment and intended learning outcomes, you can view all course specifications via the course catalogue and matching the course to its code starting with EDUC. 


MSc (180 credits)  

Semester 1 

  • Developmental Psychology (EDUC5842)  
  • Individual Differences (EDUC5843)  
  • Research Methods 1 (PSYCH 5088)
  • Social Psychology (PSYCH5033) 
  • Physio Psychology (PSYCH5029) 

The following courses are options offered in Semester 1 

  • Professional Skills (PSYCH5030)  
  • Applied Qualitative Methods (EDUC5835) 
  • Current Issues (PSYCH5034) 
  • Psychology of Adult Learning - SM04 for enrolment (EDUC51011) 


Semester 2 

  • Cognitive Psychology (EDUC5838)  
  • Research Methods 2 (PSYCH5089)  

 The following courses are options offered in Semester 2 

  • Clinical Health (EDUC5870)  
  • Educational Psychology (EDUC5840) 
  • Perception & Visual Cognition (PSYCH5028) 


Dissertation (EDUC5839) 


Additional Information 
The MSc Psychological Studies programme is shared between School of Education and School of Psychology.

All codes starting EDUC are administered by the School of Education, while all courses with a PSYCH code are administered by the School of Psychology 

Students can only study this programme as part of a full-time course load, there is no part time option available.  


Further Support 

If you encounter any issues with registering and enrolling You may also raise a support call using the self-service UofG Helpdesk 
Please visit the Registry how to guides for any further information on the enrolment and registration process. 


Registration for the 2020/21 academic year 

The University has additional information available to students via the Coronavirus FAQs on arrangements for the 2020/21 academic year.