Theological Studies

Theology underpins the research of all staff in Theology & Religious Studies (TRS).  Discussions of theology are encountered within Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, but also within other traditions of China, Japan and India, all of which are taught and researched in Glasgow. Contemporary interest in theology has not waned with the rise of secularism.  Indeed, interest in theology and spirituality is growing, and reflects a growing awareness of the importance of religion in our world today.  

The staff of TRS includes internationally respected scholars whose research contributes to a deeper understanding of the role of religion in contemporary society.  The relationship between Theology, Literature and the Arts  is one important focus.  George Pattison ’s research explores the writings of Kierkegaard, Heidegger and Dostoevsky, while David Jasper, Heather Walton and Mia Spiro all explore interactions between theological, literary, and artistic sources, both Christian and Jewish.

The central relationship between theology and ethics is a focus for the work of both Julie Clague, who focuses primarily on Catholic theology, and Heather Walton, who brings her expertise in reflective practice to a range of ethical and theological considerations within the field of Practical Theology. Doug Gay and Leah Robinson are also leading practitioners in practical theology, with a particular interest in Religion in Scotland.  Together, they resource TRS’s flourishing Doctorate in Practical Theology, soon to be complemented by a Masters programme in Values-based practice.

Scottish theology, both contemporary and historical, is a central research interest of Scott Spurlock.  Charlotte Methuen’s work explores the international theological context, and particularly links to Germany in the Reformation and between the first and second world wars.

Theology is not a solely Western or Christian concern.  The theological concerns of other religious traditions are explored in the work of Lloyd Ridgeon and Saeko Yazaki, who primarily investigate the Sufi tradition within Islam and the theological implications of such ‘mystical’ beliefs.  Mia Spiro undertakes work within the Jewish tradition, and Charles Orzech contributes to theological discussions within esoteric Buddhism. The full range of theological interests is completed by the research of Leon Robinson, whose concern is with the Hindu theological tradition, and Victoria Harrison, whose work on the philosophy of religion is deeply embedded in intricate theological questions relating to diversity and pluralism.