Doctorate in Practical Theology

The Doctorate in Practical Theology is not accepting applications for the academic year 2018-19. We have other research opportunities in Theology and Religious Studies should you wish to apply to one of our other programmes.


The Doctorate in Practical Theology is a practice-based research degree (a 'professional doctorate') aimed at participants in a variety of professional and/or voluntary contexts:

  • This programme is specifically designed to be taken on a part-time basis over the course of five years.
  • The DPT meets 5 times a year along with a weekend summer school per annum.  
  • Participants will be encouraged to use their professional, voluntary or ministerial practice as the foundation of a structured process of research in practical theology.
  • Candidates will be supported throughout by a regular series of supervisions, seminars and workshops.
  • The DPT is assessed by means of a portfolio of work, including a literature review, publishable article and dissertation.
  • For part-time students, this programme will require around 6-8 hours for independent work per week. That will include research and reading, and maintaining a regular research journal.
  • The DPT is a full doctoral award.

The DPT is suitable for all those actively involved in professional or substantial voluntary work across a range of contexts and institutions, who want to examine the implications of action guiding beliefs, values, and ideologies ('theologies') for their practices and vice versa.  A variety of social science and other methodologies can be used to research practice and contexts.
We welcome applications from those who already possess an Undergraduate degree and are:

  • Involved in religious ministry in parish, congregational or chaplaincy settings.
  • Public sector professionals in health, education and social services.
  • Active members of caring professions such as psychotherapy, counselling, nursing, social work, community development.
  • People working in charities, non-governmental organisations, in the cultural industries, or in the arts.
  • Involved in industry or business wishing to deepen their understanding of the ethical and theological dimensions of their practice.

Applications from those not involved in the above work sectors, but who have an Undergraduate degree (any subject) and a Master’s degree (theology) will also be considered.
The University sets its fees annually.  The cost of this programme is likely to be in the region of £2,000 pa for Home students.  However students may be required to pay for travel, accommodation and the costs of participation in the annual residential school.

A flyer for the programme can be downloaded here. Information for the Doctorate in Practical Theology.

For further information contact: Heather Walton: