1. Links to Modernist Studies on the Web | 2. Graduate Study within the field of Modernist Studies


1. Links to Modernist Studies on the Web

a. General Sites

BAMS - British Association for Modernist Studies
Exists to provide a means of communication between individuals and already existing groups working in modernist studies across Britain, and across all relevant disciplines, and to make connections with modernists abroad.  Aims to support and develop education and training in modernist studies, particularly for postgraduates. Registration is free and open to all.

Modernist Network Cymru (MoNC)

Brings together scholars and professionals working on modernism in Wales to encourage better communication and collaboration.

Modernism Research Seminar
Hosted by the Institute of English Studies in collaboration with various other London Universities. Meets in London roughly once a month during term-time, on a Saturday. Events advertised on an occasional basis - keep an eye on our SNoMS mailing list.

The Centre for Modernist Studies at Sussex University
Brings together faculty and students from a variety of disciplines to explore key questions relating to the cultural forms of Modernism and their legacies. Home to the Modernist Magazines Project.

The Modernist Magazines Project
Aims to refine and enhance the record through the production of a scholarly resource and comprehensive critical and cultural history of modernist magazines in the period 1880-1945, considering their contribution to the construction of modernism in Britain, Europe and North America.

Modernist Cultures
Biannual journal appearing in print and online which examines interdisciplinary and international aspects of modernism. Published by Edinburgh University Press.

The Australian Modernist Studies Network

The AMSN aims to support and promote modernist studies in Australia and its region, but with a broad international focus and across the arts and media. AMSN is closely affiliated with the Centre of Modernism Studies in Australia at the University of New South Wales. The AMSN and CMSA publish a journal:  Affirmations: Of the Modern (http://affirmations.arts.unsw.edu.au/index.php/aom).

Paideuma: Studies in American and British Modernist Poetry
Formerly Paideuma: A Journal Devoted to Ezra Pound Scholarship; has expanded its scope to include scholarship on Modernist poetry in English. The foremost publisher of scholarly work on Ezra Pound and the Pound tradition.

The Modernist Studies Association
The Modernist Studies Association is devoted to the study of the arts in their social, political, cultural and intellectual contexts from the later nineteenth- through the mid-twentieth century. Through annual conferences and its journal, Modernism/Modernity, the organization seeks to develop an international and interdisciplinary forum for exchange among scholars. It also awards an annual book prize.

The Northern Modernism Seminar
The Northern Modernism Seminar is a partner to the London Modernism Seminar, designed to bring together scholars in the field of modernism who are located in the North of the UK University and College sector. It organises biannual day events with three to four papers. 

The Modernist Journals Project at Brown University 

Significant resource for primary research, offering digitalised editions of early twentieth-century magazines, including The EgoistNew Age and Blast, amongst many others.

Scottish Word and Image Group

The Scottish Word and Image Group (SWIG) was formed in 1994 to promote the study of the interaction of words and images. SWIG has established itself as a home for academics and artists who seek to promote this interdisciplinary approach to analysis and criticism.
SWIG organises regular conferences, for details of the forthcoming conference, Riddles of Form: Exploration and Discovery in Word & Image - see conference website here


MDRN is a KU Leuven research lab that studies a uniquely varied period in literary history: the (long) first half of the 20th century. MDRN looks at the many ways in which modernist literature between 1900-1950 was defined and legitimized in each of the main Western European traditions (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch) and focuses on literature's multiple functions, histories and mediatizations. The organisation has a double aim: to further understanding of literature in the modernist period, and, more generally, to develop a multidimensional and functionalist approach to change in modern Western European literature. MDRN is supervised by five KU Leuven experts and its work is supported by a variety of funding bodies. 


b. Individual Authors

The T.S. Eliot Society
An international community for discussing the work of T.S. Eliot, founded in 1980. The society sponsors an annual Memorial Lecture by an eminent critic or scholar and organises panels on Eliot at conferences. It is currently developing a portal for access to various online resources relating to Eliot’s work.

International  James Joyce Foundation
Created in 1967, the International James Joyce Foundation (IJJF) sponsors Symposia every other year around June 16th, which gather scholars and readers from all over the world to discuss the works of James Joyce in a European location. (Past venues have included Trieste, Zurich, Frankfurt and Dublin.) Further information about membership of IJJF can be found through the website, as well as access to some online information about Joyce.

The Zurich James Joyce Foundation
Established in 1985 with help from the former Union Bank of Switzerland. Its premises in Zurich incorporate a significant library of Joyce and Joyce-related scholarship and archival materials and host weekly reading groups and annual workshops dedicated to the study of Joyce’s work. The Foundation regularly invites visiting guest scholars and writers to present their work and sponsors young scholars of Joyce’s work to spend a period of up to two months’ pursuing research in its archives and libraries.

The Ford Madox Ford Society
International society founded in 1997 to promote knowledge of and interest in the life and work of Ford Madox Ford. Organises regular events and publishes International Ford Madox Ford Studies.

The Katherine Mansfield Society
A new international organisation, recently established to promote and encourage study and enjoyment of Mansfield's work through newsletters, an annual journal and by organising conferences.

The Wyndham Lewis Society and Wyndham Lewis Project
A Spanish-UK project which focuses on the entire work of Wyndham Lewis, and pays particular attention to the ideological aspects of his thinking. Numerous texts by Lewis available online. The Society publishes the Wyndham Lewis Annual, a refereed academic journal, and the Lewisletter.

The Dorothy Richardson Society
Provides information about Richardson scholarship including the most up-to-date bibliography of Richardson's work, Richardson criticism and the material contained in the Richardson archives, introductory material about her life and work, news and events, and links to a new electronic journal, published annually, devoted to Richardson studies.

The Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain
A non-profit organisation which aims to raise the profile of Virginia Woolf and promote the reading and discussion of her works. An Editorial Committee produces the Virginia Woolf Bulletin three times a year (January, May and September), as well as a number of other publications. Woolf-related events and talks, open to members only, are held throughout the year.

D.H. Lawrence Resources
Portal to the D H Lawrence Collections at The University of Nottingham Library. This website provides a range of supporting material related to Lawrence and his work online, but not, currently, direct access to digital versions of the full texts of his writings or personal papers, nor any critical essays or studies of individual works.

The Pound Society

The Ezra Pound Society is a cooperative group of scholars from USA, Canada and the UK working on Pound and related matters. Since 2014 it has published a quarterly magazine, Make it New.

The H.D. International Society

Details to follow shortly. 

2. Graduate Study within the field of Modernist Studies

The Modernities M.Litt. at the University of Glasgow
The MSc. in Literature and Modernity: 1900 to the Present at the University of Edinburgh
The MSc. in Modern Art: History, Criticism, Curating at the University of Edinburgh

The M.A. in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama at University College, Dublin

The Manchester Modernism Research Group