What Are The Medical Humanities?

The Medical Humanities complement, contextualize and critique purely biomedical, technological or other reductive accounts of what it means to experience illness, encounter disease or transact a therapeutic relationship. In addressing how we comprehend health, sickness, disease and “the embodied life”, such concerns are examined from a range of professional and patient perspectives.

Who We Are

The Medical Humanities Research Centre (MHRC) is based in the School of Critical Studies, but functions across the College of Arts and the College of Medicine, Veterinary and Life Sciences and in close liaison with the College of Social Sciences. A wide range of Medical Humanities research, including some major externally funded projects, is currently being undertaken across Glasgow University. The MHRC is directed by Dr Megan Coyer, and is advised by a committee drawn from various Schools and subject areas across the University.

Research Development

The MHRC has a strong track record in attracting . The MHRC also assists in the development of applications by other Schools in the University. We are keen to foster further externally funded medical humanities research, including postdoctoral and doctoral awards. Please email the Director, Dr Gavin Miller, in this regard.

The Glasgow University Medical Humanities Network, supported by the Wellcome Trust, acts as a forum to connect individuals working across a range of disciplines and practices at the University of Glasgow, who are interested in the intersections of medicine, culture, and the arts and humanities. New projects and researchers are very welcome - visit the site or contact arts-medhums@glasgow.ac.uk for more information.

In addition to the Medical Humanities Network, our Discussion Group meets regularly throughout the academic year, and is intended to foster new and collaborative research. 

The MHRC currently hosts a number of PhD research students in the School of Critical Studies. If you are interested in pursuing postgraduate study in the medical humanites, please email the Director, Dr Gavin Miller, in this regard. You should also consult the  for further information on applications and timings.

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