Symposium: 'Memory, Mourning and Landscape'

Symposium: 'Memory, Mourning and Landscape'

angel right alignedUniversity of Glasgow

9th June, 2008

Keynote speakers: Bridget Fowler (University of Glasgow)

Avril Maddrell (University of the West of England)

Plenary Lecturer: Jay Winter (Yale University)

Programme now available. Abstracts of panel papers now available. MML plenary abstracts MML panel abstracts

One hundred years after Freud, the debate about how memory and mourning work continues. Increasingly scholarly attention is paid to the role of place and space in memorialising - whether in commemorations of individuals or in marking mass deaths. At the same time, experts in a variety of fields are finding new significance in the different ways of "saying goodbye" (or not saying goodbye). The aim of this symposium is two-fold: to explore the links between memory, mourning and landscape, and also to investigate more deeply these themes as separate entities. The symposium will therefore be of interest to scholars across the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences, including, but not limited to: literature, ancient, medieval and modern languages, cultural studies, history of art, history, archaeology, geography, theology, sociology, psychology, and archive studies.

The symposium will also offer a round-table discussion on fieldwork for those interested.

The Royal Commission for Ancient and Historic Monuments Scotland (RCAHMS) and the Imperial War Museum North will also present at the symposium.

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