Postgraduate Research In Theology & Religious Studies

Research in Theology and Religious Studies encompasses a wide range of traditions, methods and perspectives and has been an ever-present part of the mission of the University since its foundation in 1451. Areas of research interest include: Literature and Theology, Biblical Studies, Christian Ethics, Catholic Social Thought, Systematic Theology, Hermeneutics, Pastoral and Practical Theology, Political Theology, Medieval Church History, Critical Theories of Religion, Sufism, Hindu and Buddhist Traditions, Indian Philosophy, and Mysticism and Spirituality.

The subject area also runs a Doctorate in Practical Theology. This is an innovative professional research doctorate by portfolio specifically designed to enable those who work in faith based organizations or public/caring professions to reflect upon their value-based practice. Work is undertaken within research cohorts which meet 5 times a year for methods training and supervision. The degree can be taken on a part time basis.