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Gender, Speech Styles and the Assessment of Discussion

Group 5

There are two speakers in the group, G9 and G10. The graded speaker is G10, who is awarded a grade 2 at Credit level by the S.E.B.. The topic of their discussion is "What qualities would you like in a teacher?", and they have been given a list of possible qualities to rank. The discussion lasts 4 minutes 39 seconds.


1. G9: I think it's got to be makes the students work hard and



2. G9: sets high standards because that's what a teacher is for



3. G9: (.) they're not (.) that's their whole purpose (1.5)



4. G9: that's what they're supposed to do (.) that's their job



5. G9: (.) so it's got to be number (.) I think it's got to be



6. G9: number one=

G10: =I would think (.) using a lot of different


7. G9:

G10: materials equipment (1) teaching methods (1.5) to make


8. G9:

G10: their lessons interesting (.) and then the high standards


9. G9:

G10: (1) cos (3) I mean you want hard work but you do want to


10. G9:

G10: have some fun (.) you (no like) working hard all the time


11. G9: (1) no but I think it is (.) makes students work hard



12. G9: because that is what their job is (1) they're not there



13. G9: to make people (.) I suppose they are there to make it



14. G9: interesting (.) that's part (.) but basically they're



15. G9: there (.) to make people (1.5) to get high standards (1)



16. G9: to set high standards for their students=

G10: = but if they're


17. G9:

G10: not (.) they're not going to get any high standards if


18. G9:

G10: their lessons are so boring and nobody's going to be


19. G9: (3)

G10: listening I mean they've got to be (3) interesting


20. G9: mm well I still say students work

G10: (2) well we'll put down


21. G9:

G10: one and two (.) and then we'll decide later (.) whether we


22. G9:

G10: think (.) we'll put (.) I'll put one and you can put the


23. G9: (2) I would ps.

G10: one you think (3.5) right (1) the next one


24. G9: helps organise the students become independent and



25. G9: organise their own learning =

G10: = yeah I think that as well


26. G9:

G10: cos they've got (.) I mean you've got to become


27. G9: (.) cos that makes it more (.) cos teachers

G10: independent and


28. G9: don't want (.) they don't want (2) they find it more



29. G9: difficult (.) that's the whole purpose as well (.) is



30. G9: become independent (.) and organise it to adapt you to

G10: mhmm


31. G9: when you do leave school and you've got to organise things



32. G9: (.) so I think that's number three (6)

G10: (2) right (3) erm


33. G9: what about works hard to remain up to date in his or her



34. G9: subject

G10: (.) yeah that (.) I suppose that's quite important


35. G9: (3) it's either that or is able to maintain discipline and



36. G9: order (2) cos without that (.) if a teacher's really soft



37. G9: (.) you don't get anything done (1.5) unless he's got



38. G9: discipline and order (.) cos everybody just mucks about in



39. G9: their class and you never get anything done=

G10: =uhuh I think


40. G9:

G10: it'd be (1) erhm (1.5) to keep the (.) discipline and


41. G9:

G10: order and then to (.) keep up to date in his or her


42. G9: uhuh

G10: subject (.) because I mean if you don't keep discipline


43. G9:

G10: then nobody pays attention (.) just (XXXX)


44. G9: (1.5) right

G10: waste time if you ask me (2) that us (1.5) (one


45. G9:

G10: two I think) (3) maybe on this one (.) I would say (.)


46. G9: (1) no I wouldn't say that one because I

G10: keeps in contact


47. G9: would say that was (1.5secXXXX) related to the



48. G9: job I mean it's good if somebody does that you know it's



49. G9: extra (.) it's good for them a.

G10: I know but (.) I mean this


50. G9:

G10: isn't really about a teacher's job is (.) it's what you


51. G9: = I suppose (.) so (2)

G10: would like in a good teacher =


52. G9: (1.5secXXXX) openly admits when he or she has

G10: (1.5secXXXX)


53. G9: made a mistake (.) or does not know something because



54. G9: teachers a lot of teachers can be like that (.) you know

G10: yeah


55. G9: if you've got something right (.) or they've said



56. G9: something wrong (.) and they won't admit that they've got

G10: uhuh


57. G9: it wrong (.) it's like (denying what you think rather than

G10: yeah


58. G9: saying) I would want to go for that in a teacher

G10: (4) I


59. G9:

G10: suppose next it has to be is friendly with his or with his


60. G9:

G10: or her colleagues (.) cos I mean keeping in contact


61. G9: (right)

G10: (3secXXXX) oh no is interested in his or her students


62. G9:

G10: (no that's not)