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Gender, Speech Styles and the Assessment of Discussion

Shân Wareing

PhD Thesis:

Department of English

University of Strathclyde

© Alison Shân Wareing, 1995

The discussion and transcripts here assembled are part of Shân Wareing's doctoral thesis, "Gender, Speech Styles and the Assessment of Discussion." The study is concerned with (a) the assessment of discussion skills in the Scottish public 16+ examination, Standard Grade English, and (b) the role of gender in pupils' discussion styles and in teachers' assessment practices. The parts of the thesis which have kindly been made available are:

The abstract, contents page, and introduction to the doctoral thesis have been made available for those who wish to see the wider context of the transcriptions and discussion. The material here should be of particular interest to researchers into spoken discourse analysis, gender roles, and educational assessment.

All the materials are made available, with the kind permission of Dr Wareing. Further information about her research can be obtained from:

Dr Shân Wareing
Teaching and Learning Support
Kingston University
Millenium House, 21 Eden Street
Surrey KT1 1BL