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Gender, Speech Styles and the Assessment of Discussion

Group 2

There are two male speakers in this group, B3 and B4. B3 is graded as grade 5, Foundation level. The teacher is walking around the class, monitoring the pupils. The pupils have been given a set of nine rules American soldiers in the Vietnam War were expected to obey. They have to rank the rules according to which would be the easiest and which would be the hardest to keep. The rules have been given out to pupils on cards, and the activity of ordering the cards is conducted in this group with relatively little oral communication. The discussion lasts 3 minutes, 30 seconds.



1. B3: no (.) there (.) maybe

B4: (1) nah (1) that's easy (3) I think


2. B3: (5) mmm c. how can you make friends (1) with

B4: (2) that one


3. B3: ah people when you don't know whether they're

B4: (.) friends or


4. B3: aye

B4: enemies (6) umm (7) (XXXX)

T : (Ok (.) suppose if you) read them


5. B3:


T : first of all (.) and then (.) come up with perhaps (.) an


6. B3: (3) what number

B4: (2) ehhh

T : arrangement (.) (the first one then) ((leaves))


7. B3: have we had

B4: (1) (XXXX cos we do't know the numbers of them


8. B3: (.) aye I know that'll be (one of them) (3) mnn (6.5)

B4: do we)


9. B3: that one'd be in the middle probably

B4: (5) what about that


10. B3: (2) aye that'd go in the middle and all because

B4: one


11. B3: that's quite easy (.) (they) don't

B4: (.) mhmm (5) (ehm (.) demands)




12. B3: get any special treatment from the hospitals or anything=



13. B3: =(XXXX)= (2) that one (.) cos when

B4: =no (5) what's this= = there


14. B3: you get drunk (.) when you get drunk you want to (.) carry



15. B3: on and all that (for the day) (3) I think that'd be hardest



16. B3: = cos they're in the jungle and that

B4:(2.5) aye= (2) ehmm (.)


17. B3: (2)

B4: but (2) that one's quite a hard one also (.) could


18. B1: change that with that= (3) (is that) going to be too bad

B2: =aye


19. B1: (the jungle) with the people (7) aye (.) that=

B2: =mmm

T : (4) (the


20. B1:


T : thing with this) is that you're going to have to have


21. B1:


T : criteria (.) to say why you've got things in order (.) not


22. B1: aye I know we have


T : just putting them (in order) (.) but reasons why