Flexible working

The School of Chemistry is very happy to support flexible working - for example see our case studies including members of the School who work flexibly.

More information about the University’s Flexible Working Policy (which is currently being updated) can be found on the University’s Flexible Working webpages, with key points also provided on this page.

Key points from the University's Flexible Working Policy

  • The University supports flexible working and will consider all requests
  • Flexible working may be arranged on either a permanent or temporary basis
  • Under the flexible working policy, employees can request to:
  1. Change the hours they work
  2. Change the times when they are required to work
  3. Change their place of work
  • This can include part-time working, staggered hours, compressed hours, home working, job sharing and term-time working, among others
  • Currently staff must have been employed at the University continuously for 26 weeks before requesting flexible working, though this eligibility period is under review and is likely to be reduced/omitted in the new policy

How can I apply for flexible working?

A typical flexible working application proceeds as follows:


1. Have an informal discussion with your line manager


2. Complete a flexible working request form. Pass on a copy to your line manager and another to your local HR team


3. Your line manager will arrange to meet you within 28 days. During this time, they will discuss your application with your Head of School, and inform HR of their decision


4. Within 14 days of your meeting with your line manager, HR will send you written confirmation of the outcome of your request


5. If your request was approved, this will be processed on the HR Payroll System and HR will issue you a letter confirming the permanent change to the terms and conditions of your contract of employment


6. If your request was not approved, you may appeal in writing to HR within 14 days. HR will hold an appeal meeting within 14 days, and then send you written confirmation of the outcome of the appeal within a further 14 days. If the appeal is successful, this will then be processed as per Step 5