The Music of Scotland

Ceòl na h'Albainn

The Music of Scotland is a series of scholarly editions published jointly by the Universities of Glasgow and Aberdeen. Designed to make key Scottish musical sources accessible to all, in editions which are both reliable and highly practical, the series covers: plainchant, Renaissance polyphony, solo vocal music, as well as music for bagpipe, harp, harpsichord, virginals, lute, recorder, and violin.

Series Executive Committee: Warwick Edwards, James Porter (General Editors), Mary Anne Alburger, Marjorie Rycroft.


  • The Music of Scotland : Volume 1 The MacArthur-MacGregor Manuscript of Piobaireachd (1820)
  • The Music of Scotland : Studies in the Music of Scotland Our awin Scottis use: Music in the Scottish Church up to 1603
  • The Music of Scotland : Volume 2 The Balcarres Lute Book