1707 and 2014: The National Press, Civil Society and Constitutional Identity in Scotland

Principal Investigator: Dr Alex Benchimol, School of Critical Studies; Co-Investigator: Professor Philip Schlesinger, Centre for Cultural Policy Research; both in the University of Glasgow’s College of Arts.

This RSE-funded project aims to initiate a unique public forum and research network among historians of the Scottish press, constitutional experts, scholars of the nation’s contemporary media, civil society activists, policymakers and media industry stakeholders in order to facilitate exchange about the relationships between constitutional change, civil society debate and national identity in Scotland’s press after two key historical events: the Acts of Union in 1707 and the Independence Referendum in 2014;

The project will host two interdisciplinary seminars featuring the complementary expertise of researchers, practitioners and stakeholders on the distinctive historical, constitutional and civic roles of Scotland’s national press. It will also begin a process of knowledge exchange with policymakers, journalists and researchers concerning the relationship between past and present constitutional debate, and the changing anatomy of Scotland’s public sphere and national press. The seminars will take place in November 2016 and March 2017.

Further information about the events and participants will be posted.