Find a Supervisor

The Centre for Cultural Policy Research offers an outstanding research environment within which to carry out postgraduate research. Its supervisors have a wealth of experience in supervising PhD students in Media and Communication Studies, Creative Industries, Cultural Policy and Journalism Studies and are leading international academics in their respective areas of research. The Centre offers a high quality supervision experience from key international experts in their fields.  Students are assigned two supervisors with whom they will have regular contact throughout their studies.   

Professor Raymond Boyle's areas of research across Media and Communication Studies include media sports, journalism, public relations and communication, the television industry and social media and digital culture.    

Professor Gillian Doyle focuses on media economics, digital media businesses and media management.  

Professor Mark Banks area of interests are aspects of the cultural or creative industries, or cultural and creative economy policy, especially around music, the visual arts, and cultural regeneration. Topics that focus on political, cultural and environmental theory as applied to the cultural industries are similarly encouraged. Projects on cities, popular culture and social change are also welcomed.

Professor Kate Oakley's research interests are across broad areas of cultural policy and is particularly keen to work with students on creative labour, diversity and inequality and on the environmental aspects of cultural production.

Dr Melanie Selfe works on film and screen regulation, media history and media criticism and again welcomes applicants aiming to research in these areas.  

Dr Lynn Whitaker's research interests centre on media production industries and their intersection with policy and audiences. She also has a particular interest in children's media.   

Dr Inge Sørensen is interested in the production practices, policies and political economy of national and global screen industries, with a focus on Public Service Media, streamers, screen agencies and funding models in the UK and Scandinavia. I welcome research proposals around the theory and production of interactive and XR documentary as well as the practical implications and policies of sustainability and EDI on and off set. I also have an interest in academic video and film and media in the classroom.