Metabolic Disease

As a group of established Principal Investigators and early career researchers, we encourage and foster collaborations within SCMH and the University of Glasgow, as well as forging external relationships both nationally and internationally. Through conducting clinical trials, epidemiological investigations and translational studies, we aim to:

• Discover the pathways and processes linking obesity and physical inactivity to cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

• Understand the mechanisms underlying cardiovascular complications associated with diabetes, obesity, dyslipidaemia and renal disease.

• Explore the implications of our findings for the wider population, including groups defined by ethnicity, sex and deprivation.

• Use this knowledge to develop new therapies (or better understand their mechanisms of action) and lifestyle interventions to prevent and treat metabolic disease.

Our expertise ranges from molecular, biomarker and ‘-omics’ techniques through to clinical investigation, clinical trials and population-level epidemiology (particularly using routine clinical data from NHS Scotland and the UK Biobank, as well as other national datasets). We are making key contributions to UK cohort studies and clinical trials aiming to understand and improve outcomes from COVID-19, with particular emphasis on diabetes and obesity-related risks from COVID-19.





Professor of Molecular Epidemiology (Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health)

telephone: 01413301722