Cellular signalling & Mechanisms

Our aim is to understand molecular and cellular components within metabolic tissues, how they contribute to adipose tissue expansion, and the consequences of their dysfunction in metabolic diseases.




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It is now apparent that adipose tissue is highly heterogenous and plastic, exhibiting depot-specific functions regulated by multiple mechanisms that are not fully characterised and understood. There is increasing interest in the (patho)physiological roles of inflammatory, immunometabolic, adipogenic and “beiging” pathways within adipose tissue as these represent potential therapeutic targets to aid with weight loss and address pathophysiological consequences of adipose tissue dysfunction. Furthermore, determining the mechanisms by which adipose influences other tissues and how variables such as sex, age, deprivation and ethnicity impact on these is necessary.

Ongoing research topics include:

  • Adipocyte function and differentiation in South Asians and sepsis.
  • Ectopic fat, adipose tissue fibrosis, adipocyte differentiation, lipid metabolism in pregnancy, and its metabolic complications (gestational diabetes mellitus and pre-eclampsia).
  • The role of insulin signalling in vascular tissues.
  • The role of AMP-activated protein kinase as a regulator of metabolic health.
  • The role of asymmetric dimethylarginine in metabolic tissue function.

We will characterise the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which altered adipose tissue function and ectopic fat contribute to metabolic disease. Therefore this research will contribute to identifying novel mechanisms regulating adipose tissue function and potential therapeutic targets for obesity and related pathophysiology across the lifecourse.