Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML), also known as Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the use of computer algorithms to find and extract patterns in large data sets and using these patterns to predict outcomes.  




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What can machine learning do for us?

Machine Learning covers a variety of techniques which are specialty agnostic and can be applied to where there are large quantities of data available. In medicine, these principles can be used for varied purposes: our current work includes predicting osteoporosis based on routinely collected data, detecting vertebral fracture on computed tomography, mortality prediction in COVID-19 infections, and prediction of dysglycaemia in hospital inpatients.

What type of work do we do?

  • Enhanced Screening – predicting disease based on routinely collected data.
  • Outcome prediction – using clinical data to predict hypoglycaemia and mortality.
  • Image Analysis – analysing medical imaging for diagnosis or outcome prediction.
  • Synthetic Data – generation of synthetic data to run massive virtual clinical trials.

How will our research have an impact?

  • Synthetic data creation and virtual trials could allow for more personalised treatment plans.
  • Novel screening tools could allow for earlier identification and intervention in a variety of diseases.
  • Risk stratification and mortality predictors can allow for more appropriate interventions in unwell patients.
  • Clustering within diseases may identify subtypes that require tailored treatments.