Cancer Research UK Glasgow Clinical Trials Unit

Director: Rob Jones

Head of Biostatistics: Caroline Kelly

Operations Director: Andrea Harkin

Acting Head of IT: Stephen Clark


The Glasgow Oncology Clinical Trials Unit co-ordinates a portfolio of national and international academic studies across all development phases (I-III). 

The CTU collaborates with the Scottish Clinical Trials Research Unit in Edinburgh to form the Cancer Clinical Trials Unit, Scotland (CaCTUS). This is the only UKCRC registered dedicated cancer trials unit in Scotland. UKCRC registration demonstrates that the CTU has the following

  • A track record and experience of coordinating multi-centre randomised controlled trials (phase II-IV) or other well-designed studies
  • Presence of a core team of expert staff to develop studies
  • Presence of robust quality assurance systems and processes to meet appropriate regulations and legislation (e.g. the principles of Good Clinical Practice, the NHS Research Governance Framework, the Data Protection Act and the UK regulations that implement the EU Directive for Clinical Trials)
  • Evidence of longer-term viability of capacity for trials coordination and the development/maintenance of a trials portfolio, including core funding or evidence of a rolling programme of grants, with evidence of commitment from the host institution.

The CTU’s expertise spans multiple disease sites, multiple treatment modalities, and specialized trials such as those involving translational research, health economics and quality of life studies. The CTU works with investigators throughout the UK to develop and deliver studies. Although all of our trials have academic sponsors, we work collaboratively with industry to develop new treatments, tests and interventions in some of our studies. We also work closely with the Clinical Studies Groups of the National Clinical Research Institute (NCRI) to develop and deliver innovative trials.

The CTU offers a comprehensive service taking a clinical study through from outline design through grant funding, protocol development, study delivery, data analysis and publication. We are open to any potential investigator in the UK who can approach us to discus possible new clinical study ideas. All such proposals are considered by the In House Trials Advisory Board which includes key representatives from the CTU, clinical and scientific representatives as well as members of our Consumer Representative Panel.