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  • Abrunhosa Agostinho Jose G. (Management (R))
    Business models innovation driven by information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Adamu Muhammed (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Bridging the Gap between Islamic Financial Principles and Regulation; and that of Conventional Finance; In view of the 2007 Financial Crisis, The Principles and Regulations for Derivative and Financial Markets adopted.
  • Adedokun Adebisi (PhD in Accounting & Finance)
    Innovation Engine: AI, ML, and Big Data
  • Ahmad Anfaal (Accounting & Finance)
    Neoliberal governmentality in management accounting, governance and accountability
  • AHMED ABDUL-MUMIN (Economics(R))
    Indirect Claimants and Sovereign Debt Sustainability
  • Al Hasni Rabab (Management (R))
    Small and Medium enterprises Access to Bank Lending in Oil based Economies Oman as case study
  • Alanezi Anwer (Economics(R))
    “On the ‘Resource Curse’ in the GCC: Are Oil Riches an Obstacle to or an Under-utilised Instrument for Economic Development?
  • Albader Khaled (Accounting & Finance)
    Understanding The Shariah Audit in Kuwait Islamic Banks: Emergence, Practice and Consequence
  • Aldossary Mohammed (Management (R))
    Contingencies related to regional context for the implementation of lean production
  • Almalki Bayan (PhD in Accounting)
    The Effect of Corporate Governance Mechanism on Earning Management Practices In Saudi Listed Companies
  • Almarshd Manal Abdulrazzag S (Management (R))
    Ethical Leadership and Counterproductive Work Behavior
  • Aloumi Dalal (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    The Underwriter Networks and the Pricing of Initial Public Offerings in Kuwait
  • Alrefaei Najla Mutlaq M (PhD in Accounting)
    Reform and the development of the accounting education in Saudi Arabia.
  • Alzahrani, Eidah Abdullatif S * (Management (R))
    Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Dynamics for Female Entrepreneurs Inclusion in Emerging Markets: A Case Study on Saudi Arabia
  • Appert Pierric (Management (R))
    An Exploratory Study of the Strategic Principles for Innovation in the Digital Age: Harnessing the Power of Open Innovation Ecosystems
  • Artale Wilko Mattia (Management (R))
    Inequalities in the fourth industrial revolution; negotiating the introduction of innovative work practices
  • Azuma Zaneta (Accounting & Finance)
    A critical evaluation on the management of risk disclosures: A case study of a UK listed bank.
  • Bai Yutong (Management (R))
    Optimisation of hospital-internal logistics
  • Baird James (Accounting & Finance)
    How audit engagement leaders make audit opinion decisions; the impact of new audit methods, the compliance culture and systemic regulations on audit engagement leaders and their audit opinion decision-making
  • Balatia Heba (Management (R))
    The Influences of Anger and Sunk Cost Bias on Project Status: An Extension to Portfolios of Projects
  • Bavdaz Aleksandra (Management (R))
    Technology and Marketing Practice: Performing Global Branding
  • Bhan Prateek (Economics(R))
    Essays on hope and economic development
  • Binti Abdul Aziz D Abdul (PhD in Accounting)
    The accounting profession in Malaysia: Understanding future accountants trajectory.
  • Boonaiem Saowalak (Economics(R))
    Tax Incentives and Foreign Direct Investment in Thailand
  • Brady John Patrick (Accounting & Finance)
    Collected Essays on Determinants M&A Acquirer Performance
  • Bristy Jannatul Ferdous (Management (R))
    Sustainable entrepreneurial firms and poverty alleviation: The case of Bangladeshi micromultinationals
  • Brown Grace (Management (R))
    To what extent does remunicipalisation contribute to a counter-hegemonic project of the left?
  • Carbajal Pina Carlos (Management (R))
    Organising for Digital Innovation in Industry 4.0
  • Chen Li-Yu (PhD in Accounting)
    Cost Behaviour: Evidence from Family and Non-Family Firms
  • Chevtchouk Yanina (Business & Mgt(R))
    Redefining and measuring Brand Experiences in Canadian Luxury Services; an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Chowdhury Muhammad (Management (R))
    Moral Agency and Wider Institutional Factors in Workplace Safety Practices
  • Cloughton Beth (Management (R))
    Connecting communities: transformative impacts of community garden networks
  • Comincini Laura (Economics(R))
    Essays on Governments and Central Banks
  • Ding Ruixin (Management (R))
    Data Analytics and Decision Support for Auto Marketing Strategies in the Chinese Market
  • Dodson Tracy (Management (R))
    Revolutionising project management by empowering the Project Director - right from the start
  • Dong Mengyi (Accounting & Finance)
    Pay and justice: its discourse and justification
  • Dong Xinyu (Management (R))
    Negative consumer brand engagement in the online environment
  • Dooley-Nealis Roisin (Management (R))
    Entrepreneurialism in Work (EiW): Its forms, requisite skills and enabling organisational factors
  • Duan Dongni (Accounting & Finance)
    Impact of Financial Literacy on Household Financial Assets Allocation
  • Fachri Arief Fadhilah (PhD in Accounting)
    Profit sharing practice in a Minangkabau-Indonesian manufacturing company
  • Fang Xi (Management (R))
    Conceptualizing and measuring destination consumer based brand equity (D-CBBE) process
  • Farhod Ahmed Mohamed Abdelraouf Tolba (Accounting & Finance)
    The Impact of Financial Reporting Quality on Risk Composition, Stock Returns and Trading Volume
  • FENG MENGYUAN (PhD in Accounting)
    Management control, platform accountability and neoliberalism: The case study of a Chinese digital platform
  • Fleming Nicola (Management (R))
    Organisational trust and distrust within an Industrial Relations Environment
  • Galeazzi Giorgia (Economics(R))
    Fx market investigation
  • Galichere Arthur (Economics(R))
    Asset Price Bubbles and Macroeconomics Policies
  • Georgiou Vasileios (Accounting & Finance)
    “Management control for risk management in the public sector: a levers of control perspective”
  • Gilani Sayed Aiden (Management (R))
    Towards understanding how changes over business cycles impact the relationships and performance of value chain participants: the case of the international cashmere industry
  • Gladkova Elena (Economics(R))
    Essays on overlapping generation models to explain wealth inequality
  • Gong Jialin (Economics(R))
    The impact of fiscal stimulus package on the Chinese economy
  • Gunn Douglas (Management (R))
    Revisiting the link between social capital and firm performance: the role of social norms
  • GUO Kaizhao (Economics(R))
    Automation Technologies and Low-Skill Labour Supply: Evidence from Labour Markets in the UK
  • Hadiono Alvin (Management (R))
    A Study of Employee Learning Agility - The Effects of Individual Differences and The Work and Learning Context
  • Hanna Thomas (Management (R))
    The effects of democratic, deliberative, and participatory practices and structures in public enterprises and services: cases from the United States
  • Harris Shannon (Management (R))
    The Influence of Christianity on Entrepreneurship
  • HE Mengwei (Management (R))
    The impact of the application of artificial intelligence technology on the effectiveness of export marketing capabilities and export performance: a resource-based view and dynamic capability theory
  • He Sijin (Management (R))
    Performance measurement for CSR in higher education
  • Hernandez Elsa (Economics(R))
    Blockchain Economics in a Digital Society
  • Hruskova Michaela (Management (R))
    (Meta)Governance of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: The Case of Edinburgh
  • Hu Jinhong (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Investor Sentiment and Cryptocurrency Market
  • Jayathileka Chaya (Accounting & Finance)
    The role of local consultants in modernizing public sector organizations in a Developing country with special reference to Sri Lanka
  • Jiang Shaoshuai (PhD in Accounting)
    Effect of Board Members’ Education Background on Creditworth
  • Kapralova Natalia (Management (R))
    Managing Digital Transformation.
  • Karkkainen Tatja (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Essays on financial technology and financial intermediation
  • Khan Muhammad Ali (Management (R))
    Understanding the Relationship between Service Recovery and Corporate Brand Reputation: A Comparison of Social Media Service Recovery Execution with Traditional Channel Execution.
  • Kokkinos Sotirios (Accounting & Finance)
    “Essays on debt market consequences of audit reporting and audit services”
  • Kromtit Matthew (Finance (Economics))
    Financial Development, Growth Strategies and Structural Transformation
  • Kyriakopoulos Panagiotis (Management (R))
    Real options internationalisation choices of international SMEs. Untangling the moderating effect of foreign investment experience and home country level of development under uncertainty.
  • Lavery Paul (Accounting & Finance)
    Essays on the Market for Private Equity
  • Lebec Laura (Management (R))
    Organisational Performance Management in the Voluntary Sector
  • Lee Benjamin (PhD in Management)
    Restructuring academic curricula to facilitate practical implementations of disruptive technologies within the accounting profession
  • Li Danyang (Accounting & Finance)
    Understanding the Information flows in FX Factors
  • Li Hongyu (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Impact of Foreign Banks and Cross-Border Loan
  • Li Weiyuan (Management (R))
    The Impact of Lean and Agility Strategy on the Sustainability of the UK Automotive Supply Chain
  • Li Yaohua (PhD in Accounting & Finance)
    Analysts’ herding behavior:A new test using textual analysis
  • Li Yifan (Accounting & Finance)
    work experience of successors and post-turnover performance
  • Li Yixuan (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    The supply chain finance based on the CBDC
  • Li Zhengyu (Management (R))
    Influence of CSR on Chinese enterprises' outbound investment.
  • Li Zining (Management (R))
    A Comparison of British and Chinese Multinational Enterprises’ Sustainable Strategies in the Context of China and the UK
  • Liang Jiawen (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Fintech: the role of trust and competition with banks
  • Liu Haoran (Management (R))
    An Assessment of Brand Philanthropy on Perceptions of Consumer-brand Equity Process
  • Liu Xiangqing (Economics(R))
    Can diversity foster inter-group friendships? Effects of internal migrant students in Chinese middle school classrooms
  • Long Zhen (Economics(R))
    The Effects of Rural-Urban Migration on Returns to Education and Educational Transition in China
  • Lowe Shane (Economics(R))
    Essays in International Finance in Small, Very Open Economies
  • Lu Yunjie (Management (R))
    An investigation into pre-loved luxury brand consumption: the forming processes of consumers’ purchase intentions
  • Mahfuze Ashraful Haque (Economics(R))
    Endogenous quality choice in markets with mixed consumption externalities.
  • Malova Anna (Economics(R))
    Climate Change Negotiations: Game-Theoretic Perspective
  • McCartney Gerry (Management (R))
    Political economy and population health: From theory to the impact of austerity on mortality trends
  • McQuillan Victoria (Management (R))
    Clothing resale: investigating consumer and retailer behaviours.
  • Meechaiyo Kulnicha (Economics(R))
    Essays on corporate finance
  • Miranda Ramirez Elem (Management (R))
    How Digital Ventures Use Dynamic Capabilities to Generate Scale up Mechanisms in Global Health Crises: A study in Health Tech Start-Ups during COVID-19
  • Mirza Ahmed (Management (R))
    Examining the relationship and impact of National Culture and SME entrepreneurship entry rates (a neo-institutional theory approach)
  • Moeed Afshan (Accounting & Finance)
    'Analysing the role of non-executive directors in UK Banks: Three Essays'
  • Mohamed Abdisalam (Economics(R))
    Remittances, Poverty and Inequality in Somalia
  • Montenegro Calvimonte Marcos Gaspar (Economics(R))
    A Diagnostic New Keynesian Model
  • Motajo Abayomi (Management (R))
  • Mouna Niswatil (Accounting & Finance)
    Three Essays on Digital Economy and Tax Avoidance
  • Movaghari Hadi (Accounting & Finance)
    Application of machine learning in corporate cash holdings
  • Oledibe Nnanna (Economics(R))
  • Otepbergen Aigerim (Management (R))
    Employee performance in operations management in higher education: case of Kazakhstan
  • Owen Catherine (Management (R))
    Strategy, identity and emergence: schemata and stimuli
  • Prapan Ahmed Ameya (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Sentiment Driven Bidders' Abnormal Return
  • QIAO Siqi (Economics(R))
    Health, Income Inequality and Risk in the Past and Present
  • Rahman Rehenuma (PhD in Accounting)
    Sustainable Development Goals, Accountability and Governance: A case of Bangladesh.
  • Ramage Elysha (Economics(R))
    Not going to university and social class
  • Rathore Adhiraj Singh (Economics(R))
    The effects of the Basel Accord on efficiency and risk of the banks
  • Refaie Noha (Management (R))
  • Rubin Gary (Management (R))
    Qualitatively exploring institutional logics within a financial advisory firm: implications for advisor ethics
  • Saenz De Juano Ribes Helena (Economics(R))
    Domestic Violence and The Allocation of Time
  • Sanri Hakan (Management (R))
    Algorithmic innovation and value capture in digital ventures
  • Santoul Jérôme (Economics(R))
    The star player effect in sport leagues with utility maximizing teams
  • Seidlitz Lina (Management (R))
    A multi-level testing of the effectiveness of gender diversity practices in UK higher education
  • Seretis Evangelos (Accounting & Finance)
    Analysts’ perception of information in the Solvency an Financial Condition Reports by Insurance firms in the European Union
  • Sgouralis Thomas (PhD in Economics)
  • Shalini Paul * (Management (R))
    Enabling knowledge transfer through international collaborations in sustainable renewable energy project: System dynamics approach.
  • Sharari Hakem (Management (R))
    Front-end Project Management: A Social Capital Perspective for Value Creation
  • Shaw Laura (Management (R))
    Gender and political leadership in the Scottish Parliament since devolution.
  • Sheng Jie (Management (R))
    A Comparative Study of Parasocial Interaction and Purchase Intention in China and UK
  • Soni Rajni (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    “The Impact of Imputation tax system on the tax avoidance level of firms”.
  • Suhadji Wiku (Accounting & Finance)
    Unveiling Market Behaviour Towards Stock Inclusion And Exclusion From Ethical Based Stock Index
  • Sun Ruipei (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Stock Reactions to Corporate Governance News via Textual Ana
  • Sun Xiaotong (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Is Decentralized Finance becoming more centralized?
  • Syzdykov Abylay (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    The role of key stakeholders of Fintech ecosystem.
  • Tambula Gerald (Management (R))
    The influence of foreign public and private organisations on policy change in developing countries.
  • Tang Tao (PhD in Management)
    The Internationalisation of Private-owned MNCs: A Comparative Study on the Chinese and Swiss Cases
  • Tang Yayan (Accounting & Finance)
    Fraud, anti-fraud and accounting mechanism: The case of China.
  • Tang Ziyu (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Can financial system fragility be used to explain the country specific of CAPM applicability?.
  • Tiedemann Johanna (Economics(R))
    Aggregate Inequality and Macroeconomic Policy
  • Tiyasangthong Naruemon (Management (R))
    Information driven empowerment to improve service delivery (Information management, Information system, Information technology)
  • Tolegenov Bakyt (Management (R))
    Challenges and opportunities brought about by the revivification of the ancient Silk Road under the “One Belt One Road” Initiative for Kazakhstan, its positive and negative implications
  • Trottier Michelle (Management (R))
    Understanding the Employability Impact of Networked Learning
  • Turchet Damiano (Economics(R))
    Advantageous oligopoly in general equilibrium: a non-cooperative approach
  • Wang Feier (Management (R))
    Women's Views on Leadership in Chinese Higher Education Institutions
  • Wang Weiyu (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Three essays in Corporate Finance
  • WANG YONGJIE (Quantitative Finance)
    Stochastic control problems for pension funds
  • WANG YUHENG (Accounting & Finance)
    Confucianism, accounting and corporate social responsibility
  • Wang Zejin (Management (R))
    Innovation Policy, State Ownership and Firms’ International Innovation Performance: A Case Study of Chinese Semi-conductor Firms
  • WEI MINGZHE (Accounting & Finance)
    Testing the Cross-sectional Profitability of Technical Analysis between Emerging Markets and Developed Markets
  • Wen Jinglin (Economics(R))
    Crime and Policing: An Empirical Analysis
  • Wilson Lynn (Management (R))
    Closing the loop. Driving a post-consumer clothing circular economy
  • Winardi Rijadh (Accounting & Finance)
    Accountability for Corruption: The Case of Whistleblowing Arrangements in Government Sector
  • WU FAN (Management (R))
    The role of entrepreneurial leadership within the internationalisation process of Chinese SMEs: A dynamic perspective
  • Xiao Ya (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    The impact of governance structure on the quality of the UK
  • Xu Tianyue (PhD in Accounting)
    Profit Shifting and Tax Avoidance
  • Yañez Ospina Claudia Mylena (Management (R))
    Working well, living well? Views and use of employer-led wellbeing initiatives amongst early career medical and academic professionals
  • Yao Yumei (Accounting & Finance)
    Corporate Debt Structure, Bank Dependance, and Industry Competition
  • Yu Ni (Management (R))
    Understanding consumer experience in adopting virtual reality technology to play games through the consumer journey: A conceptual framework.
  • Zaki Ahmad (PhD in Accounting)
    Exploring Stakeholder Engagement of Indonesian Financial Institutions in their Social Media Communication
  • Zhang Kun (Management (R))
    Key factors influencing the application of composition-based strategy: the evidence from India
  • Zhao Jinbang (Management (R))
    The impact of networking ties and family involvement on the strategic decision and innovation of SMEs in China
  • Zhou Jiangteng (Economics(R))
    The Effect of Infrastructure Development on Firm Size Distribution: Micro-economic Evidence from China.
  • Zhou Xiaofei (Management (R))
    Exploring the Role of Social Capital in Promoting Knowledge Transfer: Evidence from International Collaboration in China's Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Zong Xiangyu (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Hybrid SVMs in Financial forecasting and building trading strategy