Postgraduate research students

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  • Ab-Aziz, Norazlin (Accounting & Finance)
    Institutionalisation Of Islamic Investment in Malaysia: Social Theories' Lenses
  • Abrunhosa, Agostinho Jose G. (Management (R))
    Business models innovation driven by information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Ahmad, Salman (Management (R))
    Resource dependency management, power and Internationalisation: Insights from the IT sector of Pakistan
  • AL HASNI, RABAB (Management (R))
    Small and Medium enterprises Access to Bank Lending in Oil based Economies Oman as case study
  • Alaydi, Sharif (Management (R))
    Entrepreneurship and Institutional Barriers: Disincentives or Opportunities? A Case Study of the Palestinian Mobile Phone Sector
  • Albader, Khaled (Accounting & Finance)
    Understanding The Shariah Audit in Kuwait Islamic Banks: Emergence, Practice and Consequence
  • Aldossary, Mohammed (Management (R))
    Contengencies related to regional context for the implementation of lean production
  • Ali, Hasnita (Management (R))
    A study on the Management Practices of a Corporate Social Responsibility Project (in the case of i-Play Toy Library Program)
  • Almaghrabi, Khadija (Accounting & Finance)
    The economic consequences of mandatory disclosure.
  • ALMALKI, BAYAN (PhD in Accounting)
    The Effect of Corporate Governance Mechanism on Earning Management Practices In Saudi Listed Companies
    Ethical Leadership and Counterproductive Work Behavior
  • Aloumi, Dalal Y A Y (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    The Underwriter Networks and the Pricing of Initial Public Offerings in Kuwait
  • Alrasheedi, Mona Saud S (Accounting & Finance)
    Critical analysis of innovation in Islamic financial products: Case of Saudi banking industry
  • Alsaqubi, Bedour (Accounting & Finance)
    The debate about the implementation of corporate govenance in Kuwait: Institutional logics perspectives
  • Altowaim, Sultan Mohammed A (Economics(R))
    Financing the industrial upgrading and diversification in resource rich developing countries
  • Alturiqi, Abdulaziz (Management (R))
    Exploring the Relationship between Transformational Leadership and the Satisfaction of Followers' Psychological Needs.
  • Arundale, Keith (Management (R))
  • Azqueta Gavaldon, Andres (Economics(R))
    Big-Data in Forecast Economics
  • Baird, James (Accounting & Finance)
    How audit partners make decisions; the impact of new audit methods, the compliance culture and systemic regulations the process of audit decision-making
  • Balatia, Heba (Management (R))
    The role of emotions and decision making biases on consumer choice under novelty
  • Benecchi, Andrea (Economics(R))
    Human capital accumulation through on the job training as factors of inequality in the UK
  • Bhan, Prateek (Economics(R))
    Disadvantage and Participation in Collective Action Problems in Kanataka, India
  • Bilsland, Karen (Management (R))
    Maximising Space and Creativity on the Shop Floor: LPT and the Space-organisation Relationship in Service Work
  • Bocioaga, Andreea (Management (R))
    An Urban Agricultural Approach to Community Participation, Sustainability, Health and Well-being
  • Bose, Tarun Kanti (Management (R))
    Internationalization of Agricultural SMEs of Bangladesh
  • Bradley, Nasira Rauf (Economics(R))
    Deeper determinants of innovation, growth and productivity - and how fiscal and monetary policy may influence this interaction
  • Brady, John Patrick (Accounting & Finance)
    Rumors - An Investigation of Acquiring Firm Returns
  • Chen, Junyuan (PhD in Accounting)
    The hegemony in transfer pricing practices: The case of a Chinese organisation
  • Chen, Li-Yu (PhD in Accounting)
    Management control and performance measurement; Social and environmental accounting
  • Chowdhury, Muhammad (Management (R))
    Moral Agency and Wider Institutional Factors in Workplace Safety Practices
  • Corduneanu, Roxana (Management (R))
    A Multi-faceted Approach to the Construct of Rewards
  • Dahnil Sikumbang, Mohd Irwan Bin (Management (R))
    Social Media Marketing Adoption in Small Medium Sized Businesses
  • Dong, Xinyu (Management (R))
    The impact of negative brand relationships on the process of shaping consumer brand engagement in online brand communities.
  • Fachri, Arief Fadhilah (PhD in Accounting)
    Management Accounting and Control Change: A Case of Minangkabau-Indonesian Family Business
  • Faiz, Umar Alvi (Management (R))
    Velocity of disruption happening: An Adaptation of Innovation in UK SMEs
  • Fang, Xi (Management (R))
    Conceptualizing and measuring destination consumer based brand equity (D-CBBE) process
  • Fanous, Nadia (Management (R) (KS))
    Intended and unintended consequences of graphic health warnings on young people: the case of plain packaging
  • Flanagan, Christopher (Accounting & Finance)
    Accounting Professionals and the Negotiation of Professional Identity
  • Fleming, Nicola (Management (R))
    Organisational trust and distrust within an Industrial Relations Environment
  • Galeazzi, Giorgia (Economics(R))
    Fx market investigation
  • Galichere, Arthur (Economics(R))
    Asset Price Bubbles and Macroeconomics Policies
  • Ghosh, Seemanti (Economics(R))
    Mitigating the Impact of Adversity by treating Locus of Control: Evidence from India
  • Gilani, Sayed Aiden (Management (R))
    Towards understanding how changes over business cycles impact the relationships and performance of value chain participants: the case of the international cashmere industry
  • Gordon, Ross (Quantitative Finance)
    The Utility of Non-Linear Computational Intelligent Models in Forecasting the Foreign Exchange Market.
  • Guo, Haifeng (Accounting & Finance)
    Monetary policy, Investor sentiment and the reaction of stocks
  • Hakeem, Anas Osama M (Management (R))
    An exploration of the relationship between corporate culture, strategic decision-making Process (SDMP), and organizational performance: a comparative study between Islamic and conventional banks.
  • Hassanniakalager, Arman (Quantitative Finance)
    Four Essays in Quantitative Analysis: Artificial Intelligence and Statistical Inference
  • Herculano, Miguel (Finance (Economics))
    The Financial System?s Architecture Systemic Risk and Financial Stability
  • Hruskova, Michaela (Management (R))
    'The Genesis and Development of the Scottish Entrepreneurial Ecosystem'
  • Jia, Zhehao (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Three essays in corporate finance: firm bankruptcy, financial constraint and Asset-Backed-Securities.
  • Jiang, Yuxiang (Accounting & Finance)
    Which is the determinant of bank profit persistance: earnings management or market power?
  • Kalunga, Chomba (Economics(R))
    Essays on Mining and Development: The Case of Copper Mining in Zambia
  • Karkkainen, Tatja (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Essays on financial technology and financial intermediation
  • Khan, Muhammad Ali (Management (R))
    Understanding the Relationship between Service Recovery and Corporate Brand Reputation: A Comparison of Social Media Service Recovery Execution with Traditional Channel Execution.
  • Kokkinos, Sotirios (Accounting & Finance)
    ''The economic consequences of the enhanced audit report model within debt markets'
  • Koukou, Maria (Management (R))
    The Effectiveness of Customers Involvement in New Product Development: A comparative study between Open Innovation, Participatory Design and the 'Instrumental Approach'
  • Kromtit, Matthew (Finance (Economics))
    Financial Deepening and Growth of Oil and Non-oil Sectors in Nigeria (1986-2018)
  • Lavery, Paul (Accounting & Finance)
    Essays on the Market for Private Equity
  • Lazarakis, Spyridon (Economics(R))
    A quantitative evaluation of topics in earnings risk and wealth inequality in the UK
  • Lebec, Laura (Management (R))
    Organisational Performance Management in the Voluntary Sector
  • Li, Chuan (Management (R))
    The Effectiveness of Online Marketing and Branding Strategies employed by European FMCG Brands in Food Sector
  • Li, Danyang (Accounting & Finance)
    Apply the Pricing Model of Options to Find the Opportunities to Statistical Arbitrage
  • Li, Yanduo (Management (R))
    Exploring the relationship between Guanxi and corruption in Chinese public sector
  • Lim, Putthi Cheat (PhD Economics (KS))
    Possible Divergence from Democracy to an Authouritarian Regime in Developing Countries
  • Liu, Zerun (Finance (Economics))
    Essays in Corporate Finance
  • Lowe, Shane (Economics(R))
    Uncovering the effects of household demographics on monetary policy transmission for a small, very open economy
  • Ma, Xinxin (Finance (Economics))
    Capture the structure change of long-term equilibrium level for co-integrated assets pair. Develop novel trading strategies based on fractional co-integration and co-integration.
  • Maciver, Gillian (Accounting & Finance)
    Predicting Regulatory Drug Approvals for the US Pharmaceutical Industry
  • McCartney, Gerry (Management (R))
    Developing and testing theories of sustainable, equitable and ?healthy? economic systems
  • McGrath, Claire (Management (R))
    Alternative Financial Spaces: Credit Unions in Scotland
  • McQuillan, Victoria (Management (R))
    Investigating innovative business practice in small ethical fashion businesses, challenges and advantages.
  • Meechaiyo, Kulnicha (Economics(R))
    Macroeconomic Indicators and Energy Stocks in ASEAN: Pre and Post AEC
  • Meeyai, Sutthipong (Management (R))
    Retail Agglomeration Format Choice and Outshopping in Thai Grocery Market
  • MELETI, ELLI (Management (R))
    Relational coordination is based on relationships between roles that are supported by organizational structures, thus increasing sustainability.
  • Miettinen, Jaakko (Economics(R))
    Do Locus of Control and Intellectual Property Rights affect creativity and Innovation? Creative Output in a Market Context
  • Miranda Ramirez, Elem (Management (R))
    Innovation Capacities and Organizational Innovation factors that influence Decision-Making
  • Moeed, Afshan (Accounting & Finance)
    'Analysing the role of non-executive directors in UK Banks: Three Essays'
  • Mosenhauer, Moritz (Economics(R))
    Essays on Applied Behavioural Economics
  • Murphy, Rachael (Management (R))
    Work readiness: Understanding its complexity and developing policy interventions (the proposal for this studentship had been approved by Skills Development Scotland and the Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences)
  • Naitram, Simon Miguel (Economics(R))
    Essays in International Corporate Taxation
  • Nattermann, Torsten (Management (R))
    Digitalisation technology innovation in a supply network - Exploring digitalisation technology adoption and associated impacts on B2B relationship characteristics
  • Nie, Li (Economics(R))
    A Mechanism Design Approach to College Admission and Timetabling
  • Obi, Chizoba (Economics(R))
    Bargaining delays in Sovereign Debt Restructuring
  • Omotosho, Samson Babatunde (Economics(R))
    Oil Price Shocks, Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Optimal Monetary Policy in Nigeria
  • Osuna Ramirez, Sergio Andres (Management (R))
    Brand Polarization: Conceptualisation, Antecedents and Outcomes.
  • Owen, Catherine (Management (R))
    Strategy, identity and emergence: schemata and stimuli
  • Papazoglou, Pierantonios (Management (R))
  • Peng, Hao (Accounting & Finance)
    Corporate Diversification through Merges & Acquisitions
  • Prapan, Ahmed Ameya (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Sentiment Driven Bidders' Abnormal Return
  • Prirayani, Jagat (Economics(R))
  • Rahman, Asrarul (Accounting & Finance)
    The Evolution of Audit Quality Perception Through a Period of Political Regime Change in Indonesia
  • Rathore, Adhiraj Singh (Economics(R))
    The effects of the Basel Accord on efficiency and risk of the banks
  • Refaie, Noha (Management (R))
  • Riahi Pour, Parichehr (Management (R))
    Donation Attitude-Behaviour Gap in the Context of Charity Celebrity Endorsed Campaigns
  • Rubin, Gary (Management (R))
    Ethical Implications of Incentive Plans on Investment Adviser Behavior; Solving for Morally Grounded Plans that Support Business Growth
  • Sahiti, Driton (Business Admin)
    Strategic Value Innovation Model-Identifying value co creation from experience (Prof. Patton has read the PhD Project Proposal and has agreed on supervising me)
  • Santoul, J (Economics(R))
    The star player effect in sport leagues with utility maximizing teams
  • Savva, Foivos (Economics(R))
    Essays on Behavioral Implementation Theory.
  • schembri, joe (Management (R))
    Knowledge assimilation and dynamic capabilities of SMEs going international
  • Schroder, Max (Economics(R))
    Transferable Skills and risky Jobs ? an Empirical Investigation of Occupational Decisions and their Impact on Life Cycle Dynamics.
  • Seretis, Evangelos (Accounting & Finance)
    Optimistic reporting in the European Union insurance industry in the post-IFRS period
  • Sharari, Hakem (Management (R))
    The Front-end Project Management.
  • Sintou, Christiana (Accounting & Finance)
    Essays in Household Finance: Financial literacy and financial inclusion
  • Sobrevilla Gonzalez, Alma Irene (Economics(R))
  • Song, Pengcheng (Quantitative Finance)
    Three essays in Quantitative Finance
  • Soon Yong, Ang (Accounting & Finance)
    River Accountability: A case study of NGO's river education programme in Malaysia.
  • Suhadji, Wiku (Accounting & Finance)
    Unveiling Market Behaviour Towards Stock Inclusion And Exclusion From Ethical Based Stock Index
  • Suhobokovs, Aleksandrs (Accounting & Finance)
    The role of risk in trading behaviour and manifestation of behavioural biases by investors
  • Synapis, Angelos (Accounting & Finance)
    Information Leakage and Insider Trading prior to market switches in the UK.
  • Tambula, Gerald (Management (R))
    The influence of foreign public and private organisations on policy change in developing countries.
  • Tandiono, Rosaline (PhD in Accounting)
    Internationalisation of accounting education in Indonesian universities
  • Tang, Yayan (Accounting & Finance)
    Fraud, anti-fraud and accounting mechanism: The case of China.
  • Tiedemann, Johanna (Economics(R))
    Aggregate Inequality and Macroeconomic Policy
  • Turchet, Damiano (Economics(R))
    Advantageous oligopoly in general equilibrium: a noncooperative approach
  • Vu, Tuyet Nhung (Accounting & Finance)
    Why bank CEOs forgo bonus during the 2007-09 financial crisis?
  • Wang, Feier (Management (R))
    Women's Views on Leadership in Chinese Higher Education Institutions
  • Wang, Weiyu (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Wang, Xiao (Management (R))
    Examining the relationship between employees? perception of organizational context and appraisal of psychological contract
  • WANG, YUHENG (Accounting & Finance)
    Confucianism, accounting and corporate social responsibility
  • WEI, MINGZHE (Accounting & Finance)
    Testing the Cross-sectional Profitability of Technical Analysis between Emerging Markets and Developed Markets
  • Winardi, Rijadh (Accounting & Finance)
    The Institutionalisation of Whistleblowing: An Institutional Work Perspective
  • Wu, Yuexiang (Economics(R))
    The Influence of the Exchange Rates on the Global Commodity Futures and Options Pricing
  • Xu, Yaofei (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Credit risk based Asset Pricing
  • Yadav, Jayant (Economics(R))
    Cyclical risk aversion, precautionary savings and Optimal policy asymmetry.
  • Yu, Honglan (Management (R))
    Post-entry exporting turnaround:phenomenon-driven research among Chinese SMEs
  • Zaki, Ahmad (PhD in Accounting)
    Exploring Stakeholder Engagement of Indonesian Financial Institutions in their Social Media Communication
  • Zhang, Dong (Finance (Economics))
    Mutual Fund Flows and Investors' Sentiment
  • Zhang, Ping (Economics(R))
    Forecasting Financial Outcomes Using Variables Selection Techniques
  • Zhang, Zhekai (Quantitative Finance)
    The application of Markov Chain Monte Carlo in credit analysis of asset-backed securities
  • Zhou, Jiangteng (Economics(R))
    Infrastructure development and productivity in China
  • Zhou, Qijun (Management (R))
    The study of exploration and exploitation in innovation process
  • Zhou, Xiaofei (Management (R))
    Exploring the Role of Social Capital in Promoting Knowledge Transfer: Evidence from International Collaboration in China's Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Zhou, Yue (Accounting & Finance)
    How Regulation and Supervision Affect Systemic Risk in Banking Sector
  • Zou, Sisi (Accounting & Finance)
    Towards a More Holistic Way of Representing the Impact of Hydroelectric Projects in China in Accounts
  • Zou, Yanru (Accounting & Finance)
    Return to Practice: an ethnographic study of audit practice in a local accounting firm in China.
  • Zou, Yihan (Quantitative Finance)
    Jump dynamics and risk premiums from option-implied and realized volatilities: Empirical analysis of option pricing models during financial crisis