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  • Ab-Aziz, Norazlin (Accounting & Finance)
    Institutionalisation Of Islamic Investment in Malaysia: Social Theories' Lenses
  • Abbas, Aisha (Management (R))
    Contextual Assessment of Business Exits under Gender Lens
  • Abrunhosa, Agostinho Jose G. (Management (R))
    Business models innovation driven by information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Ahmad, Salman (Management (R))
    Resource dependency management, power and Internationalisation: Insights from the IT sector of Pakistan
  • AL HASNI, RABAB (Management (R))
    Small and Medium enterprises Access to Bank Lending in Oil based Economies Oman as case study
  • Al-hatmi, Ghaniya (Management (R))
    The Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation in International Performance of Omani SMEs and the Moderating Role of Social Capital
  • Alaydi, Sharif (Management (R))
    Entrepreneurship and Institutional Barriers: Disincentives or Opportunities? A Case Study of the Palestinian Mobile Phone Sector
  • Albader, Khaled (Accounting & Finance)
    Understanding The Shariah Audit in Kuwait Islamic Banks: Emergence, Practice and Consequence
  • Aldossary, Mohammed (Management (R))
    Contengencies related to regional context for the implementation of lean production
  • Ali, Hasnita (Management (R))
    A study on the Management Practices of a Corporate Social Responsibility Project (in the case of i-Play Toy Library Program)
  • Almaghrabi, Khadija (Accounting & Finance)
    The economic consequences of mandatory disclosure.
  • ALMALKI, BAYAN (PhD in Accounting)
    The Effect of Corporate Governance Mechanism on Earning Management Practices In Saudi Listed Companies
    Ethical Leadership and Counterproductive Work Behavior
  • Aloumi, Dalal Y A Y (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    The Underwriter Networks and the Pricing of Initial Public Offerings in Kuwait
  • Alrasheedi, Mona Saud S (Accounting & Finance)
    Critical analysis of innovation in Islamic financial products: Case of Saudi banking industry
  • Alsaqubi, Bedour (Accounting & Finance)
    The debate about the implementation of corporate govenance in Kuwait: Institutional logics perspectives
  • Altowaim, Sultan Mohammed A (Economics(R))
    Financing the industrial upgrading and diversification in resource rich developing countries
  • Alturiqi, Abdulaziz (Management (R))
    Exploring the Relationship between Transformational Leadership and the Satisfaction of Followers' Psychological Needs.
  • Arundale, Keith (Management (R))
  • Azqueta Gavaldon, Andres (Economics(R))
    Big-Data in Forecast Economics
  • Baird, James (Accounting & Finance)
    How audit partners make decisions; the impact of new audit methods, the compliance culture and systemic regulations the process of audit decision-making
  • Balatia, Heba (Management (R))
    The role of emotions and decision making biases on consumer choice under novelty
  • Bavdaz, Aleksandra (Management (R))
    Technology and Marketing Practice: Performing Global Branding
  • Benecchi, Andrea (Economics(R))
    Human capital accumulation through on the job training as factors of inequality in the UK
  • Bhan, Prateek (Economics(R))
    Disadvantage and Participation in Collective Action Problems in Kanataka, India
  • Bilsland, Karen (Management (R))
    Maximising Space and Creativity on the Shop Floor: LPT and the Space-organisation Relationship in Service Work
  • Bocioaga, Andreea (Management (R))
    An Urban Agricultural Approach to Community Participation, Sustainability, Health and Well-being
  • Bose, Tarun Kanti (Management (R))
    Internationalization of Agricultural SMEs of Bangladesh
  • Bradley, Nasira Rauf (Economics(R))
    Deeper determinants of innovation, growth and productivity - and how fiscal and monetary policy may influence this interaction
  • Brady, John Patrick (Accounting & Finance)
    Rumors - An Investigation of Acquiring Firm Returns
  • Chen, Junyuan (PhD in Accounting)
    The hegemony in transfer pricing practices: The case of a Chinese organisation
  • Chen, Li-Yu (PhD in Accounting)
    Management control and performance measurement; Social and environmental accounting
  • Chevtchouk, Yanina (Business & Mgt(R))
    Outside of 'brand trust' and 'brand reputation,' what other aspects are important in order to create an online brand experience? What role does brand personality, brand familiarity and brand equity hold in shaping online consumer experiences?
  • Chowdhury, Muhammad (Management (R))
    Workplace Health and Safety Practices in Readymade Garment Industry in Bangladesh: An Exploratory Investigation
  • Christie, Linda (Management (R))
    Urban Collaboration for Economic Development: a critical assessment of the relationship between collaborative urban policy networks (CUPNs) and policy outcomes
  • Corduneanu, Roxana (Management (R))
    A Multi-faceted Approach to the Construct of Rewards
  • Dahnil Sikumbang, Mohd Irwan Bin (Management (R))
    Social Media Marketing Adoption in Small Medium Sized Businesses
  • Dong, Xinyu (Management (R))
    The impact of negative brand relationships on the process of shaping consumer brand engagement in online brand communities.
  • Dunlop, Catherine (Management (R))
    Disrupting medical culture: Elite Perspectives on the Feminisation of Medicine
  • Fachri, Arief Fadhilah (PhD in Accounting)
    Management Accounting and Control Change: A Case of Minangkabau-Indonesian Family Business
  • Faiz, Umar Alvi (Management (R))
    Velocity of disruption happening: An Adaptation of Innovation in UK SMEs
  • Fang, Xi (Management (R))
    Conceptualizing and measuring destination consumer based brand equity (D-CBBE) process
  • Fanous, Nadia (Management (R))
    Intended and unintended consequences of graphic health warnings on young people: the case of plain packaging
  • Flanagan, Christopher (Accounting & Finance)
    Accounting Professionals and the Negotiation of Professional Identity
  • Fleming, Nicola (Management (R))
    Organisational trust and distrust within an Industrial Relations Environment
  • Galeazzi, Giorgia (Economics(R))
    Fx market investigation
  • Galichere, Arthur (Economics(R))
    Asset Price Bubbles and Macroeconomics Policies
  • Gao, Bin (Management (R))
    Implementation of Design Thinking for Collaborative Service Innovation in SMEs: A Knowledge Perspective
  • Ghosh, Seemanti (Economics(R))
    Mitigating the Impact of Adversity by treating Locus of Control: Evidence from India
  • Gilani, Sayed Aiden (Management (R))
    Towards understanding how changes over business cycles impact the relationships and performance of value chain participants: the case of the international cashmere industry
  • Gordon, Ross (Quantitative Finance)
    The Utility of Non-Linear Computational Intelligent Models in Forecasting the Foreign Exchange Market.
  • Guo, Haifeng (Accounting & Finance)
    Monetary policy, Investor sentiment and the reaction of stocks
  • Hakeem, Anas Osama M (Management (R))
    An exploration of the relationship between corporate culture, strategic decision-making Process (SDMP), and organizational performance: a comparative study between Islamic and conventional banks.
  • Hassanniakalager, Arman (Quantitative Finance)
    Four Essays in Quantitative Analysis: Artificial Intelligence and Statistical Inference
  • Hemple, James Grant (Management (R))
    Commercialisation of Science and Technology utilising open innovation strategies.
  • Herculano, Miguel (Finance (Economics))
    The Financial System?s Architecture Systemic Risk and Financial Stability
  • Hruskova, Michaela (Management (R))
    'The Genesis and Development of the Scottish Entrepreneurial Ecosystem'
  • Jia, Zhehao (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Three essays in corporate finance: firm bankruptcy, financial constraint and Asset-Backed-Securities.
  • Jiang, Yuxiang (Accounting & Finance)
    Which is the determinant of bank profit persistance: earnings management or market power?
  • Kalunga, Chomba (Economics(R))
    Essays on Mining and Development: The Case of Copper Mining in Zambia
  • Karkkainen, Tatja (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Essays on financial technology and financial intermediation
  • Khan, Muhammad Ali (Management (R))
    Understanding the Relationship between Service Recovery and Corporate Brand Reputation: A Comparison of Social Media Service Recovery Execution with Traditional Channel Execution.
  • Kilembe, Jessie Nabulambo (Economics(R))
    Essays on financial integration
  • Kokkinos, Sotirios (Accounting & Finance)
    ''The economic consequences of the enhanced audit report model within debt markets'
  • Koukou, Maria (Management (R))
    The Effectiveness of Customers Involvement in New Product Development: A comparative study between Open Innovation, Participatory Design and the 'Instrumental Approach'
  • Kromtit, Matthew (Finance (Economics))
    Financial Deepening and Growth of Oil and Non-oil Sectors in Nigeria (1986-2018)
  • Lavery, Paul (Accounting & Finance)
    Essays on the Market for Private Equity
  • Lazarakis, Spyridon (Economics(R))
    A quantitative evaluation of topics in earnings risk and wealth inequality in the UK
  • Lebec, Laura (Management (R))
    Organisational Performance Management in the Voluntary Sector
  • Li, Chuan (Management (R))
    The Effectiveness of Online Marketing and Branding Strategies employed by European FMCG Brands in Food Sector
  • Li, Danyang (Finance (Economics))
    Apply the Pricing Model of Options to Find the Opportunities to Statistical Arbitrage
  • Li, Yanduo (Management (R))
    Exploring the relationship between Guanxi and corruption in Chinese public sector
  • Lim, Putthi Cheat (PhD Economics (KS))
    Possible Divergence from Democracy to an Authouritarian Regime in Developing Countries
  • Liu, Zerun (Finance (Economics))
    Essays in Corporate Finance
  • Lowe, Shane (Economics(R))
    Uncovering the effects of household demographics on monetary policy transmission for a small, very open economy
  • Ma, Xinxin (Finance (Economics))
    Capture the structure change of long-term equilibrium level for co-integrated assets pair. Develop novel trading strategies based on fractional co-integration and co-integration.
  • Maciver, Gillian (Accounting & Finance)
    Predicting Regulatory Drug Approvals for the US Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Mao, Yixiao (Quantitative Finance)
    Real and nominal debt in the context of inflation-indexed securities
  • McCartney, Gerry (Management (R))
    Developing and testing theories of sustainable, equitable and ?healthy? economic systems
  • McGrath, Claire (Management (R))
    Alternative Financial Spaces: Credit Unions in Scotland
  • McQuillan, Victoria (Management (R))
    Investigating innovative business practice in small ethical fashion businesses, challenges and advantages.
  • Meeyai, Sutthipong (Management (R))
    Retail Agglomeration Format Choice and Outshopping in Thai Grocery Market
  • MELETI, ELLI (Management (R))
    Relational coordination is based on relationships between roles that are supported by organizational structures, thus increasing sustainability.
  • Miettinen, Jaakko (Economics(R))
    Do Locus of Control and Intellectual Property Rights affect creativity and Innovation? Creative Output in a Market Context
  • Miranda Ramirez, Elem (Management (R))
    Innovation Capacities and Organizational Innovation factors that influence Decision-Making
  • Moeed, Afshan (Accounting & Finance)
    'Analysing the role of non-executive directors in UK Banks: Three Essays'
  • Mosenhauer, Moritz (Economics(R))
    THE SMOKING FROG; a Behavioral Approach to Estimating the Effects of Tobacco Taxes on Demand Research Area: Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Welfare Economics, Decision Theory, Public Policy
  • Murphy, Rachael (Management (R))
    Work readiness: Understanding its complexity and developing policy interventions (the proposal for this studentship had been approved by Skills Development Scotland and the Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences)
  • Naitram, Simon Miguel (Economics(R))
    Essays in International Corporate Taxation
  • Nattermann, Torsten (Management (R))
    Digitalisation technology innovation in a supply network - Exploring digitalisation technology adoption and associated impacts on B2B relationship characteristics
  • Nie, Li (Economics(R))
    A Mechanism Design Approach to College Admission and Timetabling
  • Obi, Chizoba (Economics(R))
    Bargaining delays in Sovereign Debt Restructuring
  • Omotosho, Samson Babatunde (Economics(R))
    Oil Price Shocks, Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Optimal Monetary Policy in Nigeria
  • Osuna Ramirez, Sergio Andres (Management (R))
    Brand Polarization: Conceptualisation, Antecedents and Outcomes.
  • Owen, Catherine (Management (R))
    Strategy, identity and emergence: schemata and stimuli
  • Papazoglou, Pierantonios (Management (R))
  • Patra, Sudip (Accounting & Finance)
    Analysis of Dividend Signalling, smoothing and risk shifting by banking firms under information asymmetry
  • Peng, Hao (Accounting & Finance)
    Corporate Diversification through Merges & Acquisitions
  • Prapan, Ahmed Ameya (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Sentiment Driven Bidders' Abnormal Return
  • Prirayani, Jagat (Economics(R))
  • Rahman, Asrarul (Accounting & Finance)
    The Evolution of Audit Quality Perception Through a Period of Political Regime Change in Indonesia
  • Rathore, Adhiraj Singh (Economics(R))
    The effects of the Basel Accord on efficiency and risk of the banks
  • Refaie, Noha (Management (R))
  • Riahi Pour, Parichehr (Management (R))
    Donation Attitude-Behaviour Gap in the Context of Charity Celebrity Endorsed Campaigns
  • Rubin, Gary (Management (R))
    Ethical Implications of Incentive Plans on Investment Adviser Behavior; Solving for Morally Grounded Plans that Support Business Growth
  • Sahiti, Driton (Business Admin)
    Strategic Value Innovation Model-Identifying value co creation from experience (Prof. Patton has read the PhD Project Proposal and has agreed on supervising me)
  • Santoul, J (Economics(R))
    The star player effect in sport leagues with utility maximizing teams
  • Savva, Foivos (Economics(R))
    Essays on Behavioral Implementation Theory.
  • schembri, joe (Management (R))
    Knowledge assimilation and dynamic capabilities of SMEs going international
  • Schroder, Max (Economics(R))
    Transferable Skills and risky Jobs ? an Empirical Investigation of Occupational Decisions and their Impact on Life Cycle Dynamics.
  • Sengupta, Soumen (Business & Mgt(R))
    Who is to Blame? Defining Institutional Accountability for Scotland's NHS
  • Seretis, Evangelos (Accounting & Finance)
    Optimistic reporting in the European Union insurance industry in the post-IFRS period
  • Sharari, Hakem (Management (R))
    The Front-end Project Management.
  • Sintou, Christiana (Accounting & Finance)
    Essays in Household Finance: Financial literacy and financial inclusion
  • Sobrevilla Gonzalez, Alma Irene (Economics(R))
  • Song, Pengcheng (Quantitative Finance)
    Three essays in Quantitative Finance
  • Soon Yong, Ang (Accounting & Finance)
    River Accountability: A case study of NGO's river education programme in Malaysia.
  • Suhadji, Wiku (Accounting & Finance)
    Unveiling Market Behaviour Towards Stock Inclusion And Exclusion From Ethical Based Stock Index
  • Suhobokovs, Aleksandrs (Accounting & Finance)
    The role of risk in trading behaviour and manifestation of behavioural biases by investors
  • Synapis, Angelos (Accounting & Finance)
    Information Leakage and Insider Trading prior to market switches in the UK.
  • Tambula, Gerald (Management (R))
    The influence of foreign public and private organisations on policy change in developing countries.
  • Tandiono, Rosaline (PhD in Accounting)
    Internationalisation of accounting education in Indonesian universities
  • Tang, Yayan (Accounting & Finance)
    Fraud, anti-fraud and accounting mechanism: The case of China.
  • Taylor, Ryan Campbell (Accounting & Finance)
    Metaphors: Accounting as Vision
  • Tiedemann, Johanna (Economics(R))
    Aggregate Inequality and Macroeconomic Policy
  • Toader, Cristina-Alexandra (Economics(R))
    Exchange rate modelling and forecasting
  • Tsafos, Ioannis (Economics(R))
    Debt and Default Incentives in General Equilibrium Models
  • Turchet, Damiano (Economics(R))
    Advantageous oligopoly in general equilibrium: a noncooperative approach
  • Van De Velde, Melanie Marlies (Management (R))
    Exploring effective business models enabling the social enterprise dual mission
  • Vu, Tuyet Nhung (Accounting & Finance)
    Why bank CEOs forgo bonus during the 2007-09 financial crisis?
  • Wang, Feier (Management (R))
    Women leadership in Chinese higher education institutions
  • Wang, Senyu (Accounting & Finance)
    Essays in Bank Capital Structure
  • Wang, Weiyu (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Wang, Xiao (Management (R))
    Examining the relationship between employees? perception of organizational context and appraisal of psychological contract
  • WANG, YUHENG (Accounting & Finance)
    Confucianism, accounting and corporate social responsibility
  • Wang, Zhixiao (Economics(R))
    Financing constraints and Corporate investment in China
  • WEI, MINGZHE (Accounting & Finance)
    Testing the Cross-sectional Profitability of Technical Analysis between Emerging Markets and Developed Markets
  • Winardi, Rijadh (Accounting & Finance)
    The Institutionalisation of Whistleblowing: An Institutional Work Perspective
  • Wong, Kai (Economics(R))
    A re-examination of real exchange rate structural determinants
  • Wu, Yuexiang (Economics(R))
    The Influence of the Exchange Rates on the Global Commodity Futures and Options Pricing
  • Xu, Yaofei (Finance (Accounting and Financ)
    Credit risk based Asset Pricing
  • Yadav, Jayant (Economics(R))
    Cyclical risk aversion, precautionary savings and Optimal policy asymmetry.
  • Yu, Honglan (Management (R))
    Post-entry exporting turnaround:phenomenon-driven research among Chinese SMEs
  • Zaki, Ahmad (PhD in Accounting)
    Exploring Stakeholder Engagement of Indonesian Financial Institutions in their Social Media Communication
  • Zhang, Dong (Finance (Economics))
    Mutual Fund Flows and Investors' Sentiment
  • Zhang, Ping (Economics(R))
    Forecasting Financial Outcomes Using Variables Selection Techniques
  • Zhang, Zhekai (Quantitative Finance)
    The application of Markov Chain Monte Carlo in credit analysis of asset-backed securities
  • Zhou, Jiangteng (Economics(R))
    Infrastructure development and productivity in China
  • Zhou, Qijun (Management (R))
    The study of exploration and exploitation in innovation process
  • Zhou, Xiaofei (Management (R))
    Exploring the Role of Social Capital in Promoting Knowledge Transfer: Evidence from International Collaboration in China's Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Zhou, Yue (Accounting & Finance)
    How Regulation and Supervision Affect Systemic Risk in Banking Sector
  • Zou, Sisi (Accounting & Finance)
    Towards a More Holistic Way of Representing the Impact of Hydroelectric Projects in China in Accounts
  • Zou, Yanru (Accounting & Finance)
    Return to Practice: an ethnographic study of audit practice in a local accounting firm in China.
  • Zou, Yihan (Quantitative Finance)
    Jump dynamics and risk premiums from option-implied and realized volatilities: Empirical analysis of option pricing models during financial crisis