Chaya Jayathileka

Adam Smith Building, Rm. 501

Research title: Accountability for the right to health and wellbeing of female tea plantation workers in Sri Lanka

Research Summary

Various international efforts have been made to provide frameworks for accountability for human rights in business contexts.  These have included UN Guiding Principles (UNGP) on Business and Human Rights in 2011 and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines (GRI, 2017). Such frameworks are understood by many as "essential for embedding human rights into business practice" (Jungk, 2016: 4). This project will examine the right way in which objects such as the UNGP and GRI support the enactment of understandings of human rights obligations and accountability in the Sri Lankan tea industry and in a particular tea estate. The study will adopt a mixed method approach and examine the human rights disclosures of the tea plantation using quantitative analysis of firm disclosure and fieldwork to examine the human rights practices of and in a tea estate. Using the theoretical underpinnings of the performativity, and political ontology (Mol, 1999). This study will examine the accountability for hum rights in the Sri Lankan tea industry, and will include ethnographic study of practices at the plantation level.


Working papers

Politics of Trust: Assembling of Trust in a Palmtop Banking Actor-Network.

Mobilising and failure to mobiles of social and environmental accounting.

Reassembling the social and environmental: organisational politics of sustainability reporting in a less developed country.


CoSS Scholarship.

Additional Information

Education Background

BA Business Administration from Staffordshire University

MLitt in Marketing, University of St. Andrews