Anfaal Ahmad

Research title: Neoliberal governmentality in management accounting, governance and accountability

Research Summary

Focusing on the over-arching roles and functions of accounting and accountability in practices of microfinance which this study terms, "micro-financialisation", this study will explore how woman are disciplined and managed and exploited in a post-colonial setting to harness globabl capital.  The aims of this research are two-folded: firstly, to explore the roles of global networks of assurance and re-assurance which produce a society of control for self-monitoring and self-accountability (mircro-financialsation) in the name of poverty alleviation and women's emancipation; and secondly, the ways in which accounting and other forms of calcula tive practices are produced and used in the reproduction of the processes of postcolonial micro-financialsation.


Wards Trust Scholarship.