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Our candidates

Photo of Adhiraj Singh Rathore, PhD candidate in EconomicsAdhiraj Singh Rathore

Research Interests: Financial Economics, Regulations, Risk Management, Efficiency, Banking

Paper: The role of Cross-Border Exposures and Liquidity Shock on Technical Effciency of banks (pdf)

Personal Website: Adhiraj Singh Rathore




Andres Azqueta Gavaldon, Job Market Candidate in EconomicsAndres Azqueta Gavaldon

Research Interests: Text-mining, Investment Dynamics, Machine-Learning

Paper: Political referenda and investment: Evidence from Scotland (pdf)

Personal Website: Andres Azqueta Gavaldon




 Photo of Arthur Galichere, PhD studentArthur Galichere

Research Interests: Asset price bubbles, Macroeconomic policies, Financial intermediation and stability

Paper: Bubbles, Endogenous Growth and Financial Stability 

Personal Website: Arthur Galichere





 Photo of Damiano Turchet, PhD Candidate in EconomicsDamiano Turchet

Research Interests: Strategic Market Games, General Equilibrium Theory

Paper: Advantageous Monopolies in Bilateral Exchange: a non-cooperative foundation (available soon)

Personal Website: Damiano Turchet




Foivos Savva, PhD student in EconomicsFoivos Savva

Research Interests: Mechanism Design, Social Choice, Game Theory

Paper: Conditional rights and implementation (available soon)

Personal website: Foivos Savva




Picture of Hualin Li, Economics Job Market candidateHualin Li

Research Interests: Decision Theory, Welfare Economics, Game Theory, Social Choice 

Paper: Choosing From Graphical Choice Architectures (pdf)

Personal Website: Hualin Li




 Johanna Tiedemann, job market candidate for EconomicsJohanna Tiedemann

Research Interests: Labour Economics, Income Risk, Income Equality

Paper: Income Risk and Marriage (available soon)

Personal Website: Johanna Tiedemann




 Photo of Matthew Kromtitt, PhD Candidate in EconomicsMatthew Kromtit

Research Interests: Monetary and Financial Economics, Macroeconomics, Development Economics, International Economics and Econometrics

Paper: Financial Development and Growth Strategy in Developing Countries (available soon)

Personal Website: Matthew Kromtit



Photo of Prateek Bhan, PhD candidate in EconomicsPrateek Bhan

Research Interests: Behavioural Economics, Development Economics and Experimental Economics

Paper: Do role models increase student hope and effort? Evidence from India

Personal Website: Prateek Bhan




Picture of Yihan Zou, PhD Student in EconomicsYihan Zou

Research Interests: Mathematical Finance, default risk, stochastic optimal control, model uncertainty 

Paper: Evaluating Optimal Stopping problems under Multivariate Settings and Model Uncertainty (pdf)

Personal Website: Yihan Zou