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Our candidates



Photo of PhD Student Abdul-Mumin AhmedAbdul-Mumin Ahmed

Research Interests: Fiscal policy, sovereign debt regulation, economic growth

Paper: Sovereign Debt, Public Capital and Welfare in Developing Economies

Personal Website: Abdul-Mumin Ahmed 




 Photo of PhD Student Ashraful MahfuzeAshraful Mahfuze

Research Interests: Industrial Organisation, Information Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Paper: Optimal Design of Ratings History

Personal Website: Ashraful Mahfuze




 Photo of Damiano Turchet, PhD Candidate in EconomicsDamiano Turchet

Research Interests: Strategic Market Games, General Equilibrium Theory

Paper: Monopoly equilibrium and elasticity of substitution: a note on the existence of the equilibrium (pdf)

Personal Website: Damiano Turchet




 Photo of Matthew Kromtitt, PhD Candidate in EconomicsMatthew Kromtit

Research Interests: Monetary and Financial Economics, Macroeconomics, Development Economics, International Economics and Econometrics

Paper: Financial Development and Growth Strategy in Developing Countries (available soon)

Personal Website: Matthew Kromtit