Dr Anthoulla Phella

  • Lecturer in Econometrics (Economics)


Anthoulla Phella joined the Adam Smith Business School as a Lecturer in Econometrics in September 2021. She received a PhD at the University of Surrey in 2021. Prior to joining the University of Glasgow, Anthoulla was working at the Monetary Analysis Division of the European Central Bank and also held a teaching position at the London School of Economics. Her primary research interests are time series econometrics and applied macroeconomics. Her current work focuses extensively on factor models, quantile regressions and studies of macro-at-risk. She is also interested in topics surrounding climate econometrics.

Research interests

Anthoulla is a member of the School's Macroeconomics research cluster.

Areas of expertise:

  • Macroeconometrics, time series analysis and forecasting
  • Quantile models and quantile aurtoregressions
  • Factor models
  • Climate econometrics.


Anthoulla is interested in:

  • Time series analysis and forecasting
  • Quantile models and macro-at-risk
  • Factor models
  • Climate economics
  • Huang, Shipeng
    The Determinants of Long-term Trend of Interest Rates: Both both the Orthodox and Heterodox perspectives


  • Applied time series and forecasting
  • Econometrics 1

Additional information

CV: Anthoulla Phella  (pdf)