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Unlocking leadership & global market potential

Executive education

13 - 15 October 2017. Singapore

Course fee: 4,280 SGD (10% early bird registration till 31 August 2017)

McGill logoGiven the multifaceted demands that business leaders are facing today, this three-day Executive Education course, hosted by the University of Glasgow Singapore, brings together experts from the Adam Smith Business School and the McGill Executive Institute. The course aims to help practicing managers improve their leadership skills in three crucial areas: strategic stake-holder management, global finance and strategic leadership.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at individuals, who currently hold managerial positions in South-East Asia and would like to improve their leadership skills. While the course is also open to all practicing managers, who might be interested in registering, it is particularly suitable for higher-level managers or middle managers aspiring, or about to, ascent into higher management positions. It is also suitable for those looking for a refresher in higher management.

By the end of this course, you should expect to:

  • Harness your power to mobilize talent and inspire commitment
  • Challenge your beliefs within a network of top calibre participants and faculty
  • Drive emerging and generative change opportunities

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