Engaging research

Engaging research

The Adam Smith Business School engages in significant research that contributes to academic debate worldwide. The School is home to enlightened research in the areas of Accounting & Finance, Economics and Management. Our world-class academic research pushes boundaries of knowledge and understanding. Our academics have conducted research for the public and private sector organisations around the world and work determinedly to make a real impact on society.

We are committed to maintaining our position as a diverse, influential and innovative business school that attracts, and nurtures, original thinkers who make real business impacts around the world.

Our partnerships are extensive, worldwide and diverse. The School works with businesses, Government, private and public sectors and other academic institutions to ensure that our research is up-to-date, relevant, and distinct and has a major impact on global society. 

Research from the Adam Smith Business School has a long-lasting influence on lives, culture, industry and society that shapes cities, regions and the world. Our current research aspires to continue this legacy.

The Adam Smith Business School continues to build on academic excellence and to capitalise on our unique multi- and inter-disciplinary research strengths in order to address, influence and elucidate national and global challenges. The complexity of our society requires us to bring together different perspectives and skills so as to have a major impact on the global world in which we live.